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A Trip to the Park with Armadillo Flip

We have an amazing park here in our town. It’s right on our route home from taking my older boys to school, so when the weather is right and we have some free time, it’s nice to have a chance to stop at this park and let the kids run around and play. It’s a huge park with a big lake, a dog park, lots of slides, and connected to our local library, too. Right now, it’s gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors and falling paired with a wonderful 70 degrees.

I received an Armadillo Flip stroller in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Armadillo Flip 01360

I load my 2 year up in our lightweight, but fully loaded, Armadillo Flip stroller and I strap my 2 month old into a baby carrier. He loves to be cuddle up close, so it works perfectly! We start by heading right to the lake to see the ducks. It’s always the favorite part of the trip.

Armadillo Flip 01369

My two year old is hilarious. He loves the ducks. I mean really loves them. However, he doesn’t want to be anywhere near them. If they dare come near him he is ready to bolt! He can’t help but watch the ducks and laugh as they do something he thinks is silly.

Armadillo Flip 01374

The Armadillo Flip seat removes so my tot can be facing me as we walk around the park, and when it’s time to leave the ducks, I can flip around the seat so he can still easily see them as we head off to the slides.

Despite the compact frame (the most compact travel-system ready stroller on the market!) there’s surprisingly plenty of storage space. The storage basket easily holds my large purse with room to spare. I like that it is easy to reach into, too, regardless of which way the seat is facing. The stroller doesn’t come with any parent organizers or cup holders, but you can add a strap on organizer if you wanted one.

Armadillo Flip 01393

The Armadillo Flip drives like a dream and is super comfy for my tot. I’m really excited to add a car seat adapter and make this stroller an awesome travel system so that when my infant falls asleep in his car seat I can keep him asleep and happy wherever we may go. The stroller folds down really compact. It is kind of confusing to fold it the first few times you try, as it works differently than most strollers. I did love that I can fold the stroller with the seat attached, it doesn’t matter which way the seat is facing. The most amazing feature is the shade! It’s enormous – giving my kids plenty of sun coverage from always sunny Arizona!

Armadillo Flip 01403-2

When I became a mom of 2, I thought I needed a double stroller. Now, as a mom of 5, I know that choosing a quality single stroller is much, much more practical for just about every scenario than pushing along a massive and heavy double. I LOVE having a nice single stroller. There are only a few occasions when I need something bigger. For most of our adventures, a baby carrier for the younger child and a stroller is perfect. My youngest strolls when the bigger child wants to roam or when we’re stopped to play and then I use a baby carrier when we’re ready to walk.

ellen beck

Monday 26th of January 2015

I dont think this would count as a giveaway post since you arent doing a giveaway so I want to comment here. This stroller is awesome! I love how it can readjust and turn eiter facing away or towards you. The pictures and your desciption of your son and the ducks was awesome :) Kids are so silly and ducks are fun to watch!

Becca Wilson

Friday 23rd of January 2015

This stroller looks awesome and he really looks like he was having a great time. A good stroller that kids love is really hard to come by!

Kim J

Friday 23rd of January 2015

awesome stroller.

Ann Bacciaglia

Tuesday 20th of January 2015

This looks like a great stroller. I love that it flips.


Tuesday 20th of January 2015

This is a really cool stroller! I wish I had this when my kids were little!

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