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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Car

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK. All opinions are 100% mine.

There’s nothing quite like offering to give someone a ride in your car and realizing you have half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusted on to your dashboard. Hauling kids to and fro, I feel like it’s a constant challenge to keep things clean and organized in my car. However, I’ve noticed that by doing these simple tips and tricks, maintaining a clean car has never been easier.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Car

clean car

Declutter: In order to maintain an organized car, you need to start with a clean slate. I know, this is not very fun and may take some serious elbow grease. However, I find that when I take the time to scrub my car from top to bottom, I’m a lot more likely to keep it sparkling clean. This may take a little more work in the beginning, but I promise that it will pay off.

Use a trash bag: Make sure that everyone in the car has easy access to a trash bag. Yes, this includes kiddos in the back seat. This prevents trash from piling up in unwanted places. Be sure to keep extra trash bags on hand for emergency situations – dirty diapers, carsick kids, wet clothing, etc.

Keep all paperwork in a central location: Instead of having paperwork scattered all around your car, keep it all together in an envelope in your dash.

Organize Car Content: Use organization containers for the content that you keep in your car (tissues, first aid kit, extra diapers, sunglasses). This could include using a diaper caddy, tote, remote organizer, etc.

Limit “things” that enter your car: To limit the toys from piling up in the backseat, we have a “one toy limit” rule in our car. My toddler gets to choose one toy to keep him entertained while riding in the car. At the end of the ride, it’s his responsibility to make sure that same toy is brought inside the house.

Keep things smelling fresh: It’s amazing how a nice scented car can make things feel cleaner. Thanks to PERK automotive air fresheners, my car has never smelled better.

air freshener

With scents ranging from Golden Vanilla to Caribbean Colada, PERK’s high quality fragrances provide long-lasting freshness for your vehicle; SteadiScent technology helps deliver the same freshness from the first to the last day. Simply place PERK’s Visor Wrap on your sun visor and enjoy an elevated sense of freshness in your car. Best of all, you will enjoy PERK’s slim, sleek, and anti-leak design.

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I love everything about my PERK Visor Wrap – it easily clips to my sun visor but doesn’t get in the way when using my visor to block the sun. Not to mention, it smells HEAVENLY. I absolutely love the “New Car” scent. Keep your car smelling fresh by picking up your own PERK Visor Wraps.

Emily Smith

Tuesday 8th of September 2015

Great tips! It's hard to keep our van clean with three busy little boys always in and out of it. lol


Monday 29th of June 2015

I try to keep the car as clean as I can. I try to remove all the garbage when I get out and NO food is left in the car. We limit the car eating!

Virginia Rowell

Monday 29th of June 2015

I hide dryer sheets in my car to help it smelling good.

Robin W

Monday 29th of June 2015

I try to make sure to take the garbage out every time I get home. Not always successful, but for the most part.

Em Mahr

Monday 29th of June 2015

We try to keep the car clean by not eating anything in the car and throwing away trash every time we get home.

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