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Outdoor Play with Little Tikes

I received the Little Tikes products shown below in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Winter here in Phoenix can’t get any better! We have beautiful 50-70 degree weather each day and the kids often spend countless hours outside playing. I love encouraging outdoor play and was thrilled to try out some great products from Little Tikes.

Little Tikes Hockey

Their latest favorite toy to play with outdoors has been the Clearly Sports Hockey set! My boys have had a blast playing what they call “air hockey sticks” together! This set is really cute. It comes with two hockey sticks and two pucks that can be stored right inside the stick so they are easy to keep track of when not being used. I really enjoy that this hockey set gets them active and playing together. My boys do surprisingly well at playing and enjoying their time together rather than fighting over the puck like I worried about.

Little Tikes

An essential for outdoor play is a place to snack and relax – the Easy Store Jr. Play Table does just that! It’s small enough for kids as young as 18 months can sit and enjoy a snack or a place to rest after lots of play. Shown above you can see the size of the table with my 3 and 5 year old boys. My 1 year old can sit at it too, but he’s not quite balanced enough to let him sit by himself. My 5 year old still fits at the table, but he’s just on the top edge of the recommended ages.

After playing outside, we almost always turn on the tub and let the kids soak and get cleaned up. They have almost as fun in the tub as they do in the backyard. My boys, especially my youngest, have all really enjoy the Bath Drums set! They can clang along and make some music while splashing and having a great time in the tub.

Each of these items would make a great gift for the young children in your life.

What’s your child’s favorite outdoor toy?