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Stop Hunting for Promo Codes that Work – Here’s How!

The convenience of online shopping has completely changed the way we shop, hunt for deals, and save money for our families. It’s easier than ever to find incredible deals online, if you know where to look. But the hunt for a coupon code is frustrating and often leaves you empty handed even after trying a dozen promotional codes. There’s a better way to find online promo codes that work, and it’s changing the game for shopping online.

This post is sponsored by Dealspotr. All opinions are my own. 

This one trick will change the way you shop online! No more hunting through multiple sites to find promo codes that work! Just try this trip to save you money and find good coupon codes your first try!

How to Find Promo Codes that Work

I have a problem, maybe you’re just like me? I fill up my online shopping cart and get to the checkout page and freeze. I see that spot asking if I have a promo code and I can’t go any farther.

There’s just something about asking me if I have a coupon that lets me know there’s a chance there’s one out there and the hunt begins. I used to search tons of sites, even trying a quick google search, and wasting a lot of time looking for the promo codes that work and will save me money.

That is, until I heard about Dealspotr. They’ve changed the way I search for promo codes online.

Look at this example Dealspotr shared on their blog as a test study. They were searching for active coupon codes and seeing how the competition measured up. This is what I have always experienced, too.

finding promo codes that work

You try promo code after promo code and even spammy “sales” that aren’t really a sale at all in a search to save some money. But the problem is, some coupon sites keep expired and old promo codes on the stores offer page just to entice you to try the coupons. Their entire goal is to get you to click, even if they’re not offering a legitimate reason with their expired codes, in order to score an affiliate commission off your order.

RetailMeNot lets users mark codes as expired, but they still keep them in their listings, even if they know the codes are no good, so their promotions page looks full and expansive.

The tricky part is, most coupon sites are only adding promo codes that are offered through an affiliate portal and not all the offers a brand may have shared with fans – like through a newsletter or social media channel. Missing those can mean missing the most valuable coupons currently available and wasting a bunch of time searching.

Here’s a comparison search that shows how Dealspotr measured up to the competition.

Stop Hunting for Promo Codes that Work - Here's How! dealspotr skinceuticals promo code 2016 7

Now, your most difficult task will be trying to decide which offer will save you the most money and is the best match for your order and cart contents.


A Different Approach for Adding Promo Codes

Dealspotr takes a user-vetted approach to including promo codes that appear in their listings. You can’t just toss up a coupon code and move along. Here’s how it works, from my personal experience.

I had a promo code provided by a brand that I could offer to my readers. To give that promo code better reach and access, I thought I’d try out adding a promo code to Dealspotr to see how the process works.

  1. To start, you login to Dealspotr and click the menu button (the … button that will drop down a menu).
  2. Select: + Post a Deal.
  3. Type the name of the store and select the right retailer from the pop-down menu.
  4. Choose your type of deal: promo code, coupon / sale, or a deal on a specific product.
  5. From there, you can add the details of your deal or validate a currently active promotion.

promo codes that work

Because users can validate codes and provide a screenshot of active, live deals, it keeps expired deals off the listings and easier to find promo codes that work your first try!

You can even create a custom deals feed based on your favorite stores and interests to cater the deals and new promo codes feed to be unique to you.

And there’s an added benefit to you, the user, just for validating or adding coupons. If you’re following a deal and find promo codes that work for your order, you can share and validate that the promo code is still valid to help others in the community, and score points for helping!

It lets the super fans of each store add those promo codes they find organically just by being a newsletter subscriber or follower of one of their social media handles, and by contributing the promotional codes they’ve found, the listings are full of active, great value, promo codes that work!


Earn Gift Cards for Sharing

The avid Dealspotr will love participating in the community that will rally around sharing deals, finding incredible prices, and getting excited about their latest savings. Because Dealspotr works with a community mindset, with a setup similar to Wikipedia, every user can post, edit, or curate deals and contribute to the listings.

Adding deals can help you connect with other like minded people to build a reputation and make new friends. You will also earn points for completing fun daily tasks lists or for posting or validating special offers. You’ll quickly rack up points on your way to cash out to a $10 Amazon gift card – just for doing what you may already be doing for free on other deal sites.

Stop Hunting for Promo Codes that Work - Here's How! earn gift cards

You can earn even more points by referring friends and family to join the Dealspotr community. You will earn a commission when someone you referred joins, plus a percentage of the points your referrals earn for participating. Everyone that joins helps enrich the crowd-sourcing approach and improves the listings you’ll find on Dealspotr.

The community is made up with both everyday shoppers, avid deal hunters, and bloggers that make the online deals great! Dealspotr offers an Influencer partner program to offer even more incentives to those who might not otherwise share, but have exclusive promo codes often offered by brands.

You can earn 5,000 points when you join with my referral code: AMOMSTAKE. You’ll be halfway to your first gift card just from signing up!


Using Dealspotr as an Influencer

If you’re an online influencer, you can benefit by becoming a partner with Dealspotr. It’s a great way to earn affiliate commissions, find online deals to post to your site or use their other resources for money saving content, work on special projects and more! Here’s a peek at what’s behind the Influencer portal in Dealspotr.

Stop Hunting for Promo Codes that Work - Here's How! dealspotr influencer

Just for joining you’ll earn 5,000 bonus points which can be used towards rewards (approximate value $5 towards a amazon gift card reward) and an exclusive access code to share with your readers to give them $5 when they join.

From there, you can work to become a verified or trusted influencer and earn additional perks and rewards!

Use my referral code “AMOMSTAKE” to get started with Dealspotr today with your first 5,000 points and quit sorting through expired coupons and spammy links just to save money.

How many places would you search for promo codes that work before you found one? 


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

I never look for promo codes and so should! They are great tips!

Jennifer G

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Thank you so much for sharing this! I waste so much time on silly codes that don't work and then just get frustrated and stop even bothering! This is fabulous.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

There is nothing more frustrating than going to use a promo code that's invalid. I get that a LOT using another promo code site, and it really gets on my nerves. Thanks for sharing another site I can use and use with certainty!

Nellie Blazina

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

I love finding a good deal. This is Fantastic. I'll have to check out Dealspotr for Sure.

Jenn Mitchell

Monday 19th of June 2017

I use Dealspotr all the time in order to find the best deals. There is nothing I hate more than having to sift through codes on other sites to see if they work or not.

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