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Make Your Bookshelf Spooky for Halloween – Decorating Ideas!

One of my favorite spots in my home to dress up for the holidays is my bookshelf! It lends really well to a variety of decorations and it’s a spot that doesn’t change too much other than adding seasonal decor so I always look forward to a bit of a facelift! Let me show you how to make your bookshelf “spooky” for Halloween this year with some easy Halloween decorating ideas!

Halloween Decorating Tips

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There are lots of different things you have out for the holidays already but that you might not have thought to include in your decorating. Here are my favorite things to include in my Halloween decoration plans throughout my home:
  • Halloween Books! – We set aside our favorite Halloween books for Kids in our decorations bucket so they are new and exciting again each year. We’ll rotate a few favorites to be on display on our bookshelf by just standing them upright separating the pages to stand.
  • Fake spider webs – If you have real ones hanging out, they’ll probably look quite authentic and cool, too – but for the rest of us, just pick up an inexpensive package of spider webs and stretch and pull them stringing them up and over shelves and around your decor. Don’t be afraid to pull off a piece for a smaller section of webs or to stretch it out.

Halloween Bookshelf Decorating

Make Your Bookshelf Spooky for Halloween – Decorating Ideas! pinit fg en rect red 28
  • Small pumpkins or gourds – Add in a variety of pumpkins or gourds to your decorating. Real produce will be heavier and solid doubling as a good bookend but do watch them if you choose fresh to avoid rotting. To add in more variety and a great pop of black, try to paint pumpkins with a black spray paint like I showed you in my earlier post!
  • Thin Gauze Cloth – A thin gauze like cloth lets you have fun draping across shelves, over the top of your bookshelf, or puddle it spilling out of a basket for effect and interest. Mine has big holes throughout for effect and I love them, they really do make the cloth more interesting.

Halloween Decor

Don’t forget to add any of your other favorite decoration pieces that aren’t too big. This might include skeleton bones, chain, battery lit pumpkins, and more. Add a deep scuffed up black frame and sub out the picture for something with lots of black and white or sepia tones or fill it with a spooky substitute such as a computer morphed family photo or picture of ancestors who have passed.


Just having your bookshelf decorated can make your whole home feel the excitement of Halloween coming up. Want more easy decorating ideas? Come see my Pumpkin Toilet Paper Rolls that add a splash of color to your bathroom and are so easy and cute!

What are your best Halloween decorating ideas?

Megan Filzen

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I absolutely love this idea!

Holly E

Monday 6th of October 2014

I love Halloween. These are some super cute ideas.

Sarah L

Sunday 5th of October 2014

I like growing gourds and using them. Haven't used the spider webs.

Tammy S

Sunday 5th of October 2014

What a fun idea! You can also save the pumpkins and gourds and use them for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the idea!


Saturday 4th of October 2014

I love the fake spider webs and the chain is awesome on the bookcase. We love decorating for Halloween!

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