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Get Your Blog Organized with an Editorial Calendar


I use Grammarly for proofreading because my editorial calendar is packed full of posts to write.

Whether your blog is for family, business, or a hobby, being organized will help you to gain a large following. The reason for this is because you cannot keep your audience engaged if you post irregularly, and even worse, content that is irrelevant, and has no interesting informative to keep your readers coming back for more.

In the world of the internet, how a person presents themselves, their products or service speaks volumes. Whether you want to blog about the latest deal that you got or what recipe you altered and made unique, people are looking for that information. The most effective way to reach new traffic and help others to spread the word about your online presence is word of mouth. In order to keep people talking, you have to have content.

Get Organized with an Editorial Calendar

You can keep organized and on track by making a blog calendar. A blog calendar is also known as an editorial calendar and is used to help you stay focused on your blog and to help you to create ideas on what to write about and publish.

As for the editorial calendar, there are both free and paid versions, which can be found on the internet. The basis of these editorial calendars are very similar, all you have to do is create a title, description, and which calendar you want to put the content on. You could also enter information to show who owns the content, if you happen to have more than one person working on creating content for your website. Next, you need to make a plan for your content. Answer these basic questions to help you make your blogging goals:

  1. How often do I want to post? Monthly, Weekly, daily, a few times a day?
  2. How many topics to I want to cover?
  3. How frequently would I like to write about each topic?
  4. What ideas do I have for posts for the next 3 months?

After you’ve taken a look at your answers, you will have a better idea of what you need for your calendar to include. Do you need something that lets you note down specific times in the day because you’ll be posting more than once a day? Or maybe you want to look for a color coded calendar to help you see what topics you’re writing about at a glance.

You can customize your calendar to show the status of the content, whether it a draft, scheduled, needs to be reviewed or even trashed. An online editorial calendar will let you dream up topics but still give you the flexibility to easily click and drag your posts forward or back on your schedule as needed.

What changes will you make this year to have an organized blog?

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