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When I day dream about my future home and all I wish my home might have, my dreams also include a large backyard fully landscaped with a kids play area, perfectly pruned garden section, nice seating area for chatting, and really cool pathways and lighting. I have always wanted a lamp post in my backyard lining a private pathway to some secluded, romantic bench and ground lights that shine in all the right places lighting up grand palm trees or beautiful fountains. Of course, right now we have a really small backyard so our one patio light and the solar patio light we added on lights up most of our backyard pretty easily but it doesn’t have the grand effect I would love to create someday. It’s fun to browse ideas online and find lighting solutions that help my dream come to life in pictures. While a new home and large backyard may be a long ways off, if ever, for our family, it never hurts to dream!

Mail Order Lights

What kind of outdoor lighting do you have or wish you had? Mail Order Lighting helps you quickly and easily find lighting solutions whether you’re looking for your bedrooms, bath, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, you name it! You can even get free shipping when you meet a minimum order amount to save you money.

Disclosure: This post and image above are brought to you by our friends at Mail order Lighting.

Christian Alejandro N.

Friday 16th of November 2012

I'm living in an apartment right now, but back home could really use some nice lighting.

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