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13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions

With the new year, and a new decade no less, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on what’s most important to you and make goals for the upcoming year. To make New Year Resolutions that last, set goals that you’re ready to achieve and put in effort towards. These favorite finds for the new year can help you put your best foot forward in 2020.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions Favorite Finds for your Resolutions

We received samples in exchange for inclusion in this post. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are my own.

A Fresh New You

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions fashom personalized fashion picks

Get personalized fashion picks for you with your own stylist! With Fashom there’s no pricey styling fee and no recurring subscription. You simply request a style session when you are looking for something new. Your first styling is free and any future styling sessions have a $15 styling fee which will apply to any purchase.

Then, your stylist gets to work finding picks you’ll love based on your profile and specific requests. You can then review your stylist’s picks and pick exactly what gets shipped to your door. If there’s nothing you love, you can email your stylish to request changes or a new direction for your picks.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions fashom

From there, try everything on and decide what you love. You’ll pay for what you decide to keep with 25% off your purchase if you keep at least 3 items and 30% off your order if you keep all 5 items! Return whatever you don’t want to keep in the prepaid envelope, there are no fees for returns. Visit Fashom to try your own personalized styling.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions dozeology weighted blanket large

Turn to a Dozeology 15lb Premium Weighted Blanket to ease stress, help you sleep more solid, give relief to restless legs or anxiety, and many other benefits! It comes with a cooling cotton cover with corner ties to avoid clumping or shifting. The weighted is equally spread across the blanket with an innovative sewing technology that has the beads securely sewn in diamond pockets across the blanket.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions dozeology weighted blanket for kids

A weighted blanket is great for everyone in the family. Dozeology also offers a 7lbs Weighted Blanket for Kids! My boys face a variety of issues including sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and struggles with staying and falling asleep. Having a weighted blanket has helped so much to soothe them in the evenings and improve their sleep.

With a Dozeology weighted blanket purchase, you’ll qualify for a free 3D Contour Blackout sleep mask. It’s a truly blackout sleeping mask that’s so comfortable! The free gift can be claimed with the included instructions in your box.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions clearstem stock

Look your best this year, including your skin. If you’re ready to say goodbye to acne and hello to clear skin, then you should check out CLEARstem. Their line of products gives you clean, non-toxic skincare that tackles the signs of aging and acne.

If you have a teen in your home, or you yourself have acne, you know the struggle to clear skin is real. There may be environmental factors or hormones causing your acne issue. You can head to the CLEARstem site and take a quiz to help find out what could be causing your acne.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions CLEARstem

CLEARstem products are clean and non-toxic without any damaging side effects. They won’t add to the problem by clogging your pores like many other skincare products. If you, or someone you love struggles with acne, have them try out some of the many CLEARstem products.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions Nume Stock 1

New year, new you with NuMe. Make that fabulous new style easy to pull off with professional hair styling tools from NuMe. From straighteners to curlers, blowdryers and hair products, NuMe has the new you covered.

The NuMe straightening wand is super easy to use. It heats up very quickly and its tourmaline ceramic plates don’t pull your hair. The Far infrared heat technology straightens your hair while protecting it over time.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions Nume Straightner

Make your new style easy to achieve. Grab a professional hair styling set like the Power Couple above, from NuMe. You will love how easy it is to blowdry, straighten or curl with their products. NuMe has everything you need to create the perfect new look for you.

Learn Something New

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions audible self help

Audible is the best of the best for finding audiobooks with an enormous catalog as well as unforgettable Audible Original titles that inspire, teach, or entertain. Like the new title by Mel Robbins called Work It Out. In this book, you’ll learn from one of the best about how to succeed as a woman in the workplace with actionable advice.

Or try Indistractable, where you’ll learn how to remove distractions by looking at the hidden psychology that drives us towards being distracted. For example, how to use technology for its benefits, without getting sidelined by all the many tangents available. For once, you can make a goal to focus, without all the obstacles in the way.

Or try one of the top picks of the decade with Brené Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability. She coaches you how to live a more authentic life by striving for deeper connections and being more vulnerable with our feelings, thoughts, and experiences with those around us. Whatever you’re striving to learn or improve this year, turn to Audible to find the perfect audiobook!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions 20200110 105254

No one said learning couldn’t be fun! With LeapFrog your child will have a blast learning and playing at the same time with their educational toys and games.

Like the LeapStart Go learning pen system that encourages early readers ages 4-8 to practice skills in an engaging way. The interactive pen connects to a variety of books including themed books with beloved characters like PJ Masks and Disney friends. Practice early math skills or learn to read with a variety of books kids love!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions RockIt Twist™

The RockIt Twist gives learning a whole new spin with a fidget-inspired handheld device. It starts with 12 included games and a variety of different buttons, spinners, toggles, and more to interact with each unique game. Plus, you can add on additional themed games for more learning fun!

Make Time for Your Hobbies

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions TripOE LIfestyle1

Whether you play video games, listen to audiobooks, enjoy good tunes, or just like to tune out some of the external noise, you’ll love the quality headphones by 1More.

The Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones come with three drivers for a top-quality sound that reaches all the ranges of notes. The design is both stylish and comfortable with stainless steel and leather coming together for the perfect pair. The noise-isolating cups make it perfect for travel and the included protective case keeps your headphones in great condition.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions piston 1more headphones

For the perfect no-fuss headphones, try the Piston Fit In-Ear Headphones. They are made with comfort in mind with 45° angles that perfectly align with your ear canals. They are extremely lightweight, but durable and made to last! Like the audio cable that is wrapped around a Kevlar fiber to improve durability!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions Everdell Cover

Board Gaming is having a moment, and there’s a good reason why! Strategy board games aren’t like your classic board games based solely on chance. Starling Games has crafted games that bring you into a new world and tell a story with the beautiful design and thoughtful mechanics.

In Everdell, you’ll try your best to settle the new territories with new critters and buildings along the way. The game takes place over an in-game year as you try to make the best combinations for your own city. You’ll choose what critters to add, resources to gather, or buildings to construct throughout the game as you move through each season.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions everdell board game

There are many different options and paths to choose that makes this game great for playing again and again. It combines a worker placement aspect with a tableau-building mechanic for a rich game experience. Add the latest expansion, Pearlbrook, to introduce a whole new underwater society to your gameplay!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions fab slabs wood cutting boards

Take your dicing and slicing to the next level with Fab Slabs wood cutting boards. These quality cutting boards are naturally and permanently antibacterial so you can worry less about common food viruses.

Fab Slabs are made of a gorgeous slab of camphor laurel trees that are grown in Australia. The cutting boards are then handmade so each is unique and custom-crafted and kiln-dried for a quality cutting board that will last. They smell incredible and are absolutely beautiful cutting boards!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions fab slabs

The only care your Fab Slab cutting board will need to maintain and preserve its beautiful look is to be conditioned with edible oil (like olive oil or peanut oil) whenever it starts looking dry. Wash in warm soapy water and never place your cutting board in the dishwasher and it will last you for ages!

Improve Your Space

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions riverbend home lamp 2

Your home should be a place you love, and accents can make all the difference. Riverbend Home has a variety of selections to outfit your home. With everything from decor accessories and furniture to cookware and faucets to finish out any space in style.

The Smoked Glass Table Lamp is a perfect example! It’s on-trend and yet classic with a design that won’t quickly go out of style. It fits into just about any decor style and is perfect for a family room, bedroom, or study.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions riverbend lamp

I love that it has a light green hue but doesn’t demand attention and fits in naturally in any space. We have the Smoked Glass Table Lamps on our nightstands with a smart colored light bulb that makes it fun to switch up the lighting and feeling in our room throughout the day.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions invroheat art

Make your space cozy Invroheat Room Heater. This whole new take on space heaters works by disguising your heater within stylish, hangable artwork. Plus, it saves over 50% on electricity cost compared to a conventional space heater.

With Invroheat, you can raise your room temperature 10-15 degrees using the infrared heat. It creates radiant heat, like how a fire warms your skin, to warm people first before heating up the air around them. Invroheat is completely silent and fits in naturally to your home as a design element.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions invroheat

You’ll worry less with the auto safety shut-off that warms your space, then turns off to avoid overheating. It’s also completely safe to touch, even when on, and will not burn the skin. Visit Invroheat to add an economical room heater to your home this new year!

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions California Design Den

Give your room a facelift for the new year with a new comforter set from California Design Den. These easy to care for comforters are durable and machine washable. Their well-constructed sets are made using the finest materials.

If you’re ready to indulge yourself, start with luxurious bedding from California Design Den. From sheets to comforters, you will enjoy snuggling under your new bedding and getting a good night’s sleep.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions King Bed

If you’re ready to create a new look in your room this year, then check out the large selection of bedding at California Design Den. Check out their large selection of sheet sets and comforters. Everything you need to revamp your style.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions ZeroWater stock

Start off the year right by watching what you put into your body. I don’t just mean by watching what you eat, but also what you drink. ZeroWater is just what you need to help with that.

The average person should be drinking about 15 cups of water a day. That is a lot of harsh minerals and contaminants you could be drinking. ZeroWater helps eliminate that with its premium 5 stage filtration system. It removes more dissolved solids than any other pour-through filtration system.

13 Favorite Finds for Your New Year Resolutions ZeroWater

Make a resolution to be healthy and drink more water this year. For better-tasting water with less dissolved solids like lead, copper, barium and many more, grab a ZeroWater filtration product today. With the easy pour spout and button spigot, it makes it the perfect accessory in your fridge.

What are your goals and new year resolutions?


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I just order my first Fashom box! I loved that I was able to call my stylist directly to see what I wanted. It's great how body positive they are.


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I've tried Fashom too and loved my box. Great customer service!

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