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DIY Shadow Box Bank Tutorial

I really wanted to make a custom piggy bank for my kids, so when I came across a very adult shadow box bank on Amazon, I knew it was a hidden gem that would be easy to make on my own and I could customize it to make their coin bank however I wanted to match my boys personalities.

DIY Shadow Box Bank

DIY shadow box bank tutorial

  • Shadow Box Picture Frame
  • Printable art for your backdrop
  • Dremel tool or similar for routing a hole
  • Vinyl saying, if desired
  • Lots of coins!

I started by picking up two different shadow box picture frames. Pay attention when you shop to the thickness the frame, as that will be how far you will router a hole as a coin slot.

Once you have picked your frame, you can have fun designing a cute backdrop for your piggy bank. I created two different printable designs and coordinating vinyl layers you’re welcome to save and use, or let the kids get involved drawing their own back.

Here’s the two prints I created for my own DIY Shadow box bank. You’re welcome to print and use either of these backdrops and/or the vinyl overlay layer.

2 Free Shadow Box Background Printables

I received a complimentary HP Envy printer, regardless all opinions are my own. 

Air Balloon Printable

Hot Air Balloon Printable Art

Adventures Await Printable Overlay (for vinyl) — this vinyl is white with a clear background, so the page will look blank. Click to save the image in the top left corner

Rainy Day Printable

Rainy Day Printable Art

Rainy Day Printable Overlay (for vinyl) — this vinyl is white with a clear background, so the page will look blank. Click to save the image in the top left corner

I printed out my two 5×7 printable art using my HP Envy printer. They printed up beautifully and then I just pinned them in place onto the back of my shadow box. With the HP Envy, printing out my images was really easy using the wireless settings that made it so I could print from my laptop without hooking up my computer.

DIY Shadow Box Bank

My frames came included with a soft backing and short sewing pins to attach memorabilia to the backdrop. If your frame has a flat backdrop, just tape, glue, or modge podge your picture to your frame backing.

Next, I pulled out my Dremel router tool and edged out a money slot in both of the frames. It took me about 20 minutes for each frame – this was my first time ever using a dremel tool, so it was a bit of a learning process and someone who know what they were doing would be much quicker.

DIY Shadow Box Bank

Start dremeling by carving out the basic width and length for your money slot, and then deepen the hole until you cut all the way down through the thickness of the frame. When your hole is all the way through, you can shape and fine tune your cuts to make them smooth and even and round out the corners if you’d like.

When you’ve finished creating your money slot, clean the glass and assemble the frame back together with the backdrop picture in place. You can add vinyl words to the front or back of your frame to add another layer to your whole DIY shadow box bank.

DIY Shadow Box Bank

Just print out your phrase or design on vinyl if you have a vinyl printer, and then use a piece of contact paper to lift the remaining vinyl you want to apply and stick it to the glass. Press and smooth so it sticks well to the glass, and then remove the contact paper.

DIY shadow box bank tutorial

DIY shadow box bank tutorial

Your shadow box piggy bank is now complete! Fill it up with coins or dollar bills and start saving for your next big adventure, rainy day, or whatever else you’re saving up for.
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