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Decorating a Small Bathroom Ideas & Makeover!

I am so excited to share the “new” bathroom that I have changed up for the girls and show you my decorating a small bathroom ideas! I still have a few things to do, but I love the new feel of it all. 🙂 We have a two part bathroom upstairs, the sink/mirror area, and then then potty/shower area. I actually adore having the separated areas, since it is also the “guest” bathroom when we have company, and having the different areas allows more than one person to be in there for different needs. But with the huge mirror, ugly lights, and plain walls, I just hated being in there!

bathroom makeover before

Decorating a Small Bathroom Ideas & Makeover

decorating a small bathroom

I LOVE the teal color of my curtains, so I went ahead and bought some paint that color! Most things in my house are pretty neutral, but I’ve always been a believer that bathrooms are the perfect place to that extra “POP” of color! 🙂 That effect alone was amazingly pleasing. Then, I added in a single large vanity mirror, made that made a huge difference! Then I was able to hang my super cute bathroom photos on either side, and of course one in with the tub. Getting rid of the standard light fixture literally brought me glee! Whoot! And last but not least, wayne’s coating. Oh my, that is by far my most favorite thing ever! I would love to put in a hand towel rack, and some baskets in with the shower for the towels, plus switching out the faucet, but in time those will be done. I adore my new bathroom, and it was such little effort! I feel so lively with the fun colors, and freshness of the white coating.

My best small bathroom ideas include using a bright color to liven up the space, be smart with your space like using hooks where you don’t have room for a towel rod, and adding texture to your walls to give the room some depth!

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Whitney Erin

Sunday 19th of May 2013

I love the teal paint color!

Denise Taylor-Dennis

Sunday 19th of May 2013

Wow what a great makeover. It looks so pretty and cheery.


Friday 17th of May 2013

Oh my gosh I love that teal color! Great makeover!

Mya Murphy

Friday 17th of May 2013

your bathroom remodel is gorgeous. Love it!

Julie Wood

Friday 17th of May 2013

Your new bathroom remodel looks so pretty! The color that you painted on the walls looks so nice! I am scared to use color on the walls, but you made your bathroom look awesome!

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