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The Ultimate Word Game: Scrabble

I received the game Scrabble in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I am a huge fan of word games; I love how they invigorate my mind and captivate my attention. Hasbro’s game of Scrabble is my absolute favorite word game. Now with more ways to play (or the option to play a classic game of Scrabble), Scrabble has never been more fun and entertaining.


Designed for players age 8 and up, Hasbro’s game of Scrabble allows you to form various words based on the tiles that you draw. Connect words together horizontally or vertically for a mind invigorating word game. The new Scrabble game allows you to play a classic game of Scrabble or shake things up a big by playing power tiles to spice up your strategy. Whether you choose to team up with another player, trade tiles, or share scores, this option-packed game is fun for the whole family.


My husband and I enjoy playing games together when our son goes to bed; Scrabble is one of our favorites. I love challenging the words he comes up with and playing for the win. My husband and I become extremely competitive when playing Scrabble and often lose track of time while playing this fun and challenging game. The last time we played, I’m sad to say that I lost by only 3 points; boy it was a close game! Scrabble is such a fun game for the whole family. Are you a word game fanatic? Then Scrabble is the game for you!


To play Hasbro’s game of Scrabble ($17.99) at your next family game night, be sure to visit