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The ANDI Bag

On the way home from a friend’s gathering, my husband informed me that we NEEDED a new diaper bag; he was tired of having “the guys” tease him about carrying around the purse that I was using to store our son’s diapers, wipes, toys, etc. Although I hold our diaper bag most of the time, on the occasion that my husband carries our son’s bag, I decided that we needed a diaper bag that didn’t look like a lady’s purse. I was extremely happy to find a solution to our problem through the ANDI Bag.


The ANDI Bag truly is one-of-a-kind. With 100% waterproof fabric, the ANDI Bag can be used for a variety of activities: swimming, traveling, schooling, exercising, working, etc. Featuring a variety of modern colors and design, this four pocket wonder-bag will help you organize your belongings with style! Because the Andi Bag includes a luggage strap, cross body strap, and handle closures, this versatile bag can be worn across the shoulder, as a backpack, in hand, or slipped over the handle of a suitcase. Folding into a wristlet, there is nothing the compact ANDI Bag can’t accomplish.


I love love love my gray and white ANDI Bag. Because I enjoy using the ANDI Bag as my son’s diaper bag, I appreciate the bag’s waterproof material; all spills and messes wipe up extremely easily leaving my ANDI Bag looking brand-new. I love the size of the ANDI Bag; it’s big enough to fit everything I need without feeling bulky. Using the ANDI Bag’s four pockets, I can keep my son’s belongings organized (instead of feeling like my diaper bag is a bottomless pit). I am a HUGE fan of bags that I can strap across by body or wear over my shoulder; this helps free my hands to take care of my son. The ANDI Bag not only allows me to wear this bag on my shoulder, but also as a backpack – how cool is that? Because my son and I travel a lot to visit family, I look forward to testing out the ANDI Bag’s ability to attach to a suitcase handle. I love the ANDI bag so much that even when I’m running errands without my son, I still like to bring my stylish ANDI bag with me. The ANDI bag’s modern design and gray color appeal to both mine and my husband’s taste; my husband loves carrying our ANDI Bag.

The ANDI bag is the most versatile and modern bag that I have ever come across. I look forward to using my ANDI bag for many years to come. Experience the unique features of the ANDI bag ($89-$109) for yourself by visiting