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Off to College Kit

Going away to college can be a hard and stressful time for both parents and students. Moving away from home, spending money on furnishing dorms and buying school supplies can get emotional and daunting. Make the transition to college more fun and exciting with a special “Off to College Kit” for your new college student.

I received compensation for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

What to send with your kids to college. Pack for dorms or college life.

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Starving student can be an understatement. Make sure your student is prepared and ready with the things they need to be successful. I’ve made a list of some things that would be fun in an “Off to College Kit”.
  • School supplies – Notebooks, paper, highlighters, pencils, sticky notes, scissors and any other supplies they may need.
  • Useful items – Screwdrivers, hammers, any tools to put furniture together. Laundry hamper to haul dirty clothes. Duct tape for fixing everything or to add color and personality to a space.
  • Treats – Don’t forget the super fun stuff. Things like headphones, gift cards, devices, or even just some of their favorite food treats.
  • School gear – It is always fun to have shirts, stickers, key chains and other things with the new college’s logo.
  • Toiletries – Razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, deodorant, and flip flops for the showers. A bath caddie would be nice to carry things around in also.

In all of the prepping and planning, don’t forget to make sure you look good going to college.

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This is where Schick can help. Some of their awesome products include the Hydro 5, Xtreme 3 Ultimate, Quattro, Hydro Silk and Slim Twin. With many of their different products just waiting on the shelf to make your skin smooth, soft and looking great.

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Schick can be found at many major retailers. Some of which include, Kroger stores, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Meijer and many more. To make the deal even sweeter, I have attached links to coupons for Schick razors bellow. What’s better than getting a great razor to make your debut to college? Getting a deal on one.

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College is a time of new beginnings. Start your new beginning clean, smooth and with confidence. Let Schick help make your college debut as successful as your future will be.

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What would be a must have in your “Off to College Kit”?


Sunday 30th of August 2015

I know it seems like a far away time, but I bet it would be here rather soon

Robin (Masshole Mommy)

Monday 24th of August 2015

My stepson is off to college in a week. I made him something similar to take with him.

Donna Straight

Thursday 13th of August 2015

Love everything you post. My baby is on his last year at college. Upon graduating he will have a degree in Exercise Science. All your recipes sound delicious.

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