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No Basement? No Problem.

Basements are a great asset to a home. They provide added square footage and ample storage space. But here in Arizona, most homes do not have basements. No Basement? No problem. In Arizona, storage space is usually limited to the garage. With some simple tips, you can get organized and maximize on your available garage storage space.

No Basement? Garage Storage

Separate and Designate

The first step to organizing is separating. Separate your storage items into specific categories: sports equipment, off-season items, tools and yard equipment. Once you’ve separated them, it’s time to designate each item to a specific spot in the garage. To help you decide where to store each category, think about how often the items are used. Off-season and holiday items are only used a certain amount of times a year and should be stored up out of the way. Yard equipment is used weekly, and kids’ toys and sports equipment are used daily. These items should be stored in an area good for easy access.

Ceiling Storage

In order to maximize on your available storage space, think about storing things up high from the ceiling and over windows and doors. By taking advantage of this unused overhead space you’ll actually increase your amount of usable square footage. Off-season, holiday and other less frequently used items should be stored up high so they are out of the way, yet still easily accessible when needed.

Wall Storage

For your more frequently used items, think about storing things up on walls. Storing things on the wall allows for easy visibility and access and keeps things up off the floor. Consider using shelving and hooks to store and hang things at an easily accessible level. Storing yard equipment and kids’ toys and sports equipment up on walls allows for that easy visibility and access on a daily basis.

Cabinet Storage

For tools and other potentially harmful items to children, consider storing things in cabinets. Cabinets are a great way to store things out of sight and reach of children while still allowing for easy access when needed. Many cabinets come with the ability to lock, keeping your items safe from theft and your children safe from harm. Cabinets also add a clean, professional look to a space.

The Finishing Touch

Once you’ve stored everything up off the floor, the imperfections of your concrete garage floor may be more noticeable than before. Consider adding the perfect finishing touch to the space with a garage floor coating. Floor coatings protect your floor from abrasions, moisture, dirt and other elements, while bringing a clean, beautiful look to the space.

By taking full advantage of your garage you will discover just how much space it actually has to offer. You’re not missing out without a basement. You’re given the opportunity to maximize on what you have and become more organized. No Basement? No problem!

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Bio: Garage Solutions of Arizona is a garage storage and organization company serving Phoenix and the surrounding area’s homeowners with solutions and tips for an organized garage. They specialize in garage shelving, cabinets, overhead storage and flooring to help transform your garage into a beautifully organized area of the home.