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Keeping Sick Kids Occupied

As soon as school starts, my kids start getting sick. From my preschooler to my highschooler, the germs they are exposed to at school reek havoc on my household.  It seems no matter what we do, we end up missing some time in school. Since my oldest is now 16, I can say I have a ton of sick days under my belt, and now I have keeping sick kids occupied down to a science.

Keeping sick kids occupied

When fever rages or a sick tummy rumbles, you know you are going to have hours of entertaining a sick child. Try out these suggestions next time they have a sick day!

Get Comfy

I like to keep my kiddos where I can see them when they aren’t feeling well.  Make up a special “bed” on the couch. Bring out their favorite blanket and stuffed animals. Resting can be hard for littles, even when they feel terrible. Knowing you are near helps them relax. You can even create a fort for you kiddo to sleep in using sheets. Put the things they may need close, such as tissues, water, or a bucket.

Games and Toys

Pull out some board games and play together. Kids love to play games, even when they are sick. I also have a tradition of picking up a small toy at the pharmacy for my sick kids. My oldest daughter still has a stuffed kitten she got when she was around 4. When my all-most 2 year old is ill, I bring out a special toy, a sensory box.  I make sure I was her hands extra well before she plays with the box. She absolutely loves her sensory box and will sit quietly for quite a while!

Make a Treat

For sore throats and fevers, make homemade ice pops to help keep cool.  Kids love checking to see if the ice pops are done! For chills, a cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows!) will help warm them up.

The Silver Screen

I like to put on a surprise movie for my older kids when they aren’t feeling well.  Something I know they will like, but they haven’t seen. Most recently, my 8 year old Sophie was home from school with an earache. After getting her cozy on the couch I was able to surprise her with Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild.



Spending most of her time on the egg production line of a chicken farm, hen Daisy is constantly stripped of all her maternal instincts when she is separated from her eggs. With her only wish being to care for her offspring, she will do whatever it takes to escape the farm that holds her hostage.Successfully escaping, Daisy finds herself on a journey into the wilderness where she is wild, free and able to experience all that the life has to offer. Thanks to Wanderer, a wild guard duck with a crippled wing, Daisy is able to narrowly flee her first daunting encounter with the jaws of the menacing weasel,One Eye. As a form of repayment, Daisy vows to adopt and care for Wanderer’s son, Willie, and soon the two of them set off on a journey to the Everglades. Along the way, Willie struggles with his identity as he tries to learn the skills of a duck – skills that would have come easily had he grown up with his birth mother. Above all, Willie wanted to learn how to fly. Over the course of their journey, both Willie and Daisy have to learn how to deal with life’s obstacles as they struggle to gain acceptance from those around them.

Here’s the trailer!


Sophie really liked Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild.  The film is a bit intense for littler children, but my older ones were able to understand the beauty of the film, both visually and it’s theme. Sophie thought Mr. Otter was super cute and I heard her often say during the film “poor Daisy.” My girls are fans of many Japanese style films, and Daisy, created in South Korea has many of the same elements. I thought the it was such a beautiful movie, and I found myself tearing up during some of the more touching scenes. Seriously, I may have used most of my daughters tissue stash.

DaisyStill2 DaisyStill5

Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild is available on DVD on Amazon and on iTunes.


How do you keep your sick kids occupied?


Tiffany Cruz

Friday 26th of September 2014

When the kids get sick in my home we tend to watch a lot of movies, and play board games. This movie looks cute.

Dominique Cloutier

Thursday 25th of September 2014

We don't watch tv hardly at all when the kids are feeling good. I try to keep them busy and outside when the weather is good. So when they are sick, it's a great time for a down day full of snuggles and movies! This would be a great movie to check out with them!


Thursday 25th of September 2014

We spend time reading or yes, watching TV. I actually think they enjoy the extra attention they get during that time!

Jennifer Sikora

Wednesday 24th of September 2014

That looks like a super cute movie! I bet the kids at church would love to see it.

Mama to 5 BLessings

Wednesday 24th of September 2014

This looks like a really cute movie. A movie my kids would enjoy!

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