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Improve pet’s mealtime with Loving Pets

I received a variety of Loving Pets products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Mealtime is a beloved time of the day at our house for Gunner, our chocolate lab. Every time I fill up Gunner’s food bowl, his excitement matches that of little kids on Christmas morning; Gunner loves his food . Because of this excitement, Gunner used to leave quite the mess as he ate; his food bowls would slip and slide all over the house, food would get dumped out of his bowl, and puddles of water would cover the floor as he guzzled his water down. Thankfully, mealtime has become a much tidier experience with Loving Pets dog food bowls.


Gunner adores his Loving Pets‘ Black Label Mission Elevated Double Diner. Elevated above the ground, these bacteria resistant Ruff n Tuff stainless steal bowls are perfectly held in place helping avoid tipped over bowls. This diner’s no skid rubber feet help prevent noise and skidding during feeding time. The Elevated Double Diner truly is a must for any pooch’s feeding time.

Loving Pets’ Black Label Mission Elevated Double Diner is the best dog feeding system I’ve ever owned. I love how easily the bowls can be removed and cleaned via dishwasher. Since Gunner has been using the Double Diner, mealtime messes on our floor have dramatically decreased. I love how durable and stylish this Diner is – it looks just like a beautiful piece of furniture; I’m proud to have it in my home.


Another product that has helped make mealtime a better experience is the GobbleStopper. Designed to help canine bloating, the Gobblestopper slows eating by 500%. This slow eating helps avoid your pet gulping air as they eat; which leads to bloating. By simply placing the GobbleStopper to the bottom of any bowl (secured by a suction cup), your pet will learn to slowly eat their food and avoid bloating.

Improve your pet’s mealtime experience by purchasing Loving Pets’ Black Label Mission Elevated Double Diner ($53.99) and the GobbleStopper ($14.99). For more product information or to find a retailer near you, visit Also, check our Loving Pets’ delicious dog treats perfect for every pooch.