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I’m Starting a Get Moving

Fitbit is a leader of innovative health and fitness products that make it easy, and affordable, to have the tools right at your fingertips to track and monitor your fitness goals. Like their smart wireless trackers that can monitor your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. I’ve join in on a Fitbit Challenge to help get motivated and moving throughout February and take steps (literally) to get healthy! Check out this interesting fact:

Studies have shown that if you just walk 10,000 steps a day, you can gain immeasurable health benefits. An average American only walks 6,000 a day!

Do you know how many steps you take in a day? I personally had no clue! I’ve had Fitbit’s original pedometer for about a year and a half but haven’t used it much since the initial month I got it when I used to use it all the time. Well, it was time to pull it out from the drawer and recommit and see how I measured up. I’ve been using my Fitbit to see how many steps I take in an average day and I have to say, it was depressing to see my low step count. On my most active day, I came in just shy of 4,000 steps. It’s time to get up off the couch and chase some little boys around or take a walk out in our beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather. I’ve got a goal to lose about 30 lbs of my “baby” weight from pregnancy and I needed a challenge just like this to kick up the motivation and get me walking on the right path (yup, another pun).

FitBit Aria Scale Review #FitBitChallenge

I’m excited that I will get to use a Fitbit Aria Scale to help track my long term weight loss that will be able to look past the daily up’s and down’s and give me a better picture of my overall progress. It has the ability to sync my data wireless so I don’t have to do anything more than just step on the scale. Now there’s no more guessing about how my daily weigh in compares with yesterday or last week. I also love that it can remember up to 8 profiles, as my husband and kids will inevitably step on my scale, too. I just got it setup, which was really easy to do, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how the scale will be able to help me during the challenge!

FitBit Aria

Are you ready to join in on the challenge and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle? I can use all the motivation I can get! Leave a comment below and let me know you will be working towards walking more this week, too! I’ll be sharing updates weekly through February!

Disclosure: I received a Fitbit Aria Scale and compensation as part of a promotional program with Fitbit and MomSelect. The opinions expressed above are my own.

Denise Taylor-Dennis

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

I really need to get back to walking again. I was doing this fairly consistently for a while and fell off the wagon.

Lindsey K

Friday 8th of February 2013

I've heard really great things about Fitbit, but I didn't really know what it was. Thanks for the information - good luck with your goals!

Katherine Gilbert

Friday 8th of February 2013

This sound like a great program

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