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A Summer Fun List, Fun Activities for Kids

Summer is a time of sun and hopefully fun.  Since last year I was super pregnant and usually nauseous (Arizona is not fun in the Summer when you are prone to morning sickness), my kids spent most of the time at home.  That meant they spent most of their time bored.  I told myself that I was going to make up for last year by picking out fun activities for kids that would keep them busy and happy.

To beat the boredom, we created our Summer Fun List.  Using a mom’s best friend, Pinterest, I scoured the site for fun activities for kids, that wouldn’t break the bank and I felt were within my skills to prepare.  Once I found the activities, I got a poster board and stickers from the dollar store, and got to work.  I put all fun activities for kids on the board and then let the girls decorate with stickers.  When the masterpiece was complete, I hung it on the wall of the playroom.

Fun Activities for kidsThe girls have had fun crossing out the things they’ve done.  Every morning they ask me what we are doing on the list.  It’s been so helpful to me!  I have all the fun activities for kids planned out, so no scrambling when they get bored.

Tips for coming up with your own list of summer fun activities for kids

  • Involve the kids.  From picking the activities to decorating the board, let them help.  They feel more invested in the whole activity if they were part of it.  My girls are proud to show Dad what they crossed off the list that day when he was at work
  • Fun activities for kids don’t have to cost much.  It’s not important to fill your list with trips to theme parks.  My girls are excited by the cereal necklaces and baking cookies.
  • Involve an act of service in your list.  We plan on writing letters to elderly relatives and bringing treats to friends.  How about cooking dinner for a friend in need?  There are so many little things that little hands can help with.

I hope you have a summer filled with fun activities for kids!

No compensation received. Opinions are my own.

Mia Dentice Carey

Monday 10th of June 2013

My son is into science so we've been doing some simple/basic experiments like Sink or Float.


Friday 7th of June 2013

I love new ideas for summer fun. I pinned one of your lists on pinterest!

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