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10 Essential Safe Trampoline Rules

I grew up with a trampoline in my backyard. Ours didn’t have a safety net around it and rarely had the pads properly lined up. We did just about everything dangerous you can dream up on our trampoline. We also faced lots and lots of painful moments, too. From crashing into each other to landing between the springs, trampolines were dangerous! It’s crazy to hear the staggering stat that over 100,000 ER visits a year are related to trampoline accidents in the US alone!

Trampoline Safety Rules

Despite those memories that run through my mind, making me hesitant to have a trampoline with my own kids, it’s important to know that trampolines don’t have to be dangerous! There are a few rules that every trampoline will warn you of to stay safe, but these are the rules we often ignore and break. This overview will help you understand why you need these basic safety rules for a safe and still fun trampoline experience.

I received a 092 Large Oval Springfree Trampoline for review. All opinions are my own.

10 Essential Safe Trampoline Rules

1. One at a Time – Yes, truly. It may sound like a buzz kill to let just one child on the trampoline at a time. However, if you truly want your children and guests to be safe, this is the first rule you need to enforce. When more than one person is on the trampoline at the same time, they are destined to collide. Smack right into head, shoulders, knees, and toes – it’s no fun to crash into someone else. Most often, it’s the smaller/lighter jumper that ends up hurt.

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2. No flips – Flips, especially in untrained jumpers, can bring on the risk of landing awkwardly and causing an injury.

3. Keep the area around the trampoline clear – A traditional trampoline can easily topple with a bit of pressure against any of the edge and even the Springfree trampoline can send a jumper extending beyond the jumping mat surface. Keep a clear area around where you set up your trampoline.

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4. No Toys – Keep all toys off the trampoline. Those objects can become a hard surface to crash into when your jumping.

5. Steer Clear – Keep other children and pets away from the sides and underneath the trampoline when someone is jumping.

6. Learn the Basics – Take the time to demonstrate and learn the basic of jumping that will help you stay in control while having fun.

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7. Enter/Exit Safely – Use caution when exiting and entering the trampoline and enter using a stable ladder or the help of an adult.

8. Start a Conversation – Open communication is key. Let your children know and understand the importance of trampoline safety and why these rules are in place.

9. No Pets – While the pets might think your trampoline is fun, too, your pets can scratch up your trampoline mat and cause damage. Keep them off of the trampoline.

10. Supervision – Young jumpers especially need supervision. Be watchful that the jumpers are using safe jumping techniques and following all the safe trampoline rules.

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Be sure to also inspect your trampoline from time to time to make sure that all of the parts are in proper repair and that there is no damage before you begin to play.

Also, when you have friends and guests over to play, make sure you help both your child and the guests understand the rules to keep everyone safe and liability and danger at bay.


Springfree Trampolines are built to eliminate the most common contact spots that can be dangerous on a traditional trampoline. In fact, their trampolines eliminate 90% of product-related injuries by removing the impact areas. You won’t find springs or even hard poles lining the edge and up the sides of the trampoline.

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Instead, Springfree uses a flexible rod that sits completely below the mat and absorbs the bounce which lets you use any part of the jumping surface – all the way up to the edge. Learn more about the unique features of Springfree Trampolines in our first post filled with pictures, or visit the Springfree Trampoline website for more information.

Mary Larsen

Wednesday 27th of August 2014

These are excellent tips! My little guy is too young to be on a trampoline yet - but when he is I will turn to tips like these

Stefani Tolson

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

I remember loving my Nana's trampoline when I was a kid. I loved jumping! Now I have a big trampoline with a net in my back yard that me and the kids enjoy.


Tuesday 26th of August 2014

These are some pretty good tips. Safety is key.

Danielle @ We Have It All

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

These are all really great tips. I've been wanting to get a trampoline for the kids but I've been too worried about injuries.

Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

How cool, I've never actually been on a trampoline. Crazy huh?

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