Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

Help your kiddos stop losing their page with these adorable, and easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks! We’ll show you how you can make your own ribbon bookmark in just minutes, or make a whole dozen and it will still only cost you a $1 or $2. Cheap, easy, darling, and practical – could you ask for much more? Let’s get started! Affiliate links are included here for your convenience. 

So cute and simple, make this ribbon bookmark in just minutes! You can make a dozen bookmarks for a couple of dollars! Great craft and activity for kids with this diy tutorial.

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

What’s Needed

What's Needed


Measure the height of child’s favorite book series. Double that measurement and add an extra inch for seam allowance and to wrap over the pages. Cut a piece of ribbon to that length.

Ribbon Bookmarks5

Thread the needle with embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.

In Process 1

Select a hair band, and slide the end of the ribbon through it and fold it over.

In Process 2

Take the threaded needle and sew 2-3 tiny stitches so the hair band is secure in the loop.

In Process 3

At the other end of the ribbon, sew the button on securely.

In Process 4

Now grab the book you are reading, open to the page you’re on, and wrap the ribbon around it so the button and hair band is on the cover. Just loop the hair band around the button and your page is marked until you start reading again!

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So cute and simple, make this ribbon bookmark in just minutes! You can make a dozen bookmarks for a couple of dollars! Easy craft or activity for kids, diy tutorial.

Happy reading! 


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Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks — 6 Comments

  1. So excited about this idea! So simple yet why are these not everywhere? Our traditional bookmarks are always falling out and not fulfilling their purpose to hold page.

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