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Willow and Fig Moccasins

I received moccasins in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Ever since my little toddler could walk, he ran; and boy does he run everywhere. Because my son is short for his age, he has pretty tiny feet. Most shoes that actually fit his tiny feet are crib shoes (made for babies that haven’t started walking). Because of this dilemma, we have gone through numerous pairs of shoes. His active lifestyle seems to wear out shoes faster than imaginable. However, I’m extremely happy to have found a solution to this problem through Willow and Fig‘s shabby moccasins.


Handmade by a mother who understands the importance of quality shoes, Willow and Fig’s moccasins are a must for every toddler. Made from 100% real leather, these soft soled moccasins withstand the wear and tear of any active kiddos. Crafted in a variety of fun colors such as metallic gold, lime green, nude, etc, these moccasins make the perfect foot accessory for boys and girls alike.




How cute are these caramel colored moccasins? I seriously wish that I had a pair for myself. My love for these shoes is shared by my son; the first time he saw Willow and Fig’s moccasins he exclaimed, “oh wow!” I love the moccasin’s soft and durable leather. It’s wonderful to own a pair of quality shoes made for little feet! My favorite feature of Willow and Fig’s moccs is the elastic ankle band; what a genius idea. This way, the shoe expands to fit over my son’s foot, but then bounces back for a snug fit. Not only does this make putting on his shoes extremely easy, but I never have to worry about untied laces. I love everything about Willow and Fig’s shabby chic moccasins; their soft fabric, trendy design, snug fit, and durable leather.


Dress your little one in Willow and Fig’s adorable moccasins ($25) by visiting Willow and Fig.