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13 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones? Well look no further! Today, we’re sharing some fun, unique, and thoughtful gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day for the whole family — including the kids!

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Families Pin

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Thoughtful Gifts for Him

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas logitech g pro x

No matter what he’s into, he’ll love the Pro X Gaming Headset by Logitech G. They are part of the Pro Series designed for gamers but also perfect for those working remote, for conference calls, or for enjoying your favorite tunes. The Pro X headphones use Blue VO!CE mic technology for clear sound with voice filters and noise reduction.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 20200127 215538

He’ll be extra comfortable with the memory foam, leatherette, over the ear cups that don’t add any pressure on your ears. They are sturdy and durable, but also lightweight. The sound profile is tuned with professional profiles and can be fine tune the settings to your ears. With precision surround sound and 50 mm drivers you’ll have an accurate range of frequency and sounds.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Swanky Leather Journal

Gift him something straight from the heart with personalized gifts by Swanky Badger. This beautiful pocket journal has options for customizing the front cover and you can even add a personalized message inside the front cover. The journal includes a 200-page lined notebook and replacements pads are available as well.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas swanky pocket watch

A watch is always a thoughtful gift, and this personalized pocket watch will be both meaningful and catch him by surprise. It can be customized with a last name, initials, or even a date depending on the style. It’s the perfect way to preserve a special occasion with a useful gift for him.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Thames Kosmos Cities Skylines

Spend time together with a fun strategy board game like these two new picks by Thames & Kosmos. You can try your hand at city planning in Cities: Skylines, a board game spin off the best-selling PC game of the same name. This 1-4 player game will challenge you to keep your population happy while you build and grow your city while trying to balance the enviornment, crime, traffic flow, education, and financial resources.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Thames Kosmos Tribes

In Tribes: Dawn of Humanity, 2-4 players will take on the roll of leaders of a tribe that starts in the earliest stage of our human history up through the Bronze Age. During each successive quick-paced turn you’ll make decisions to settle lands, make new discoveries, or gather resources all to advance your tribe.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas corala10

Snuggle up with a cozy and therapeutic Corala Weighted Blanket that’s a perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day. It may not come as a surprise to you that many American’s aren’t getting enough sleep. A study has shown that “45% of the population consistently suffers from ‘poor or insufficient sleep’.” Something as simple as adding a weighted blanket can help!

A weighted blanket can help reduce stress and anxiety by increasing serotonin levels in your body. It applies Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) which also helps to combat stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. I’ve tried a few different weighted blankets, and Corala’s is my favorite! It is perfectly weighted, and the beads stay spread evenly across the blanket so there are no awkward clumps and trying to even out your blanket. Plus, it’s stylish and oh-so-comfy with the minky Duvet which can transition to the cooler cotton duvet for summer.

Wonderful Gifts for Her

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas wakeup@1x 1

Light up her life with the innovative, modular, light panels by Nanoleaf. Whether you want to add unique lighting to your bedroom or spice up your living spaces, these flexible lights can fit anywhere you need additional lighting. These triangle shaped panels give you the flexibility to create unique patterns and designs that make a statement piece to any space. Then, customize your panels with more than 16 million hues and shades to add mood to your room.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas mood@1x 2

The Light Panels Rhythm Edition sync to your music to dance and change colors along with the rhythm. You can easily control the lights and adjust the color of each panel with the Nanoleaf App. Best of all, there is no hub required! Just connect your Nanoleaf Light Panels to WiFi to access advanced features and settings. You’ll be able to install the light panels quickly and easily with the included mounting tape.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ve designs basket

Gift her a stylish and useful storage basket to help her all around the home with this VE Designs XL Woven Basket with Handles. It’s the perfect size for a variety of uses around the home. Use the woven basket to store blankets, kids toys, pillows, store and haul laundry, or whatever else you need corralled.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ve designs basket 1

At 18″ high and 14″ wide, this woven basket can really hold so much while looking beautiful in the home. I got to check out a sample and loved the details like the braided trim and handles that set this basket apart. It’s not overly heavy but it’s still sturdy and durable. I also really like the contrasting color and details, it’s a really nice basket!

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas megablast hero tablet.png.imgw .992.992

What better way for her to fill the home with music, podcasts, audiobooks, or whatever she likes to listen to, than with the powerful Megablast WiFi and Blueooth Speaker by Ultimate Ears. It’s a powerful speaker that can be connected over either WiFi or Bluetooth to give you flexibility. You can even use the built-in Amazon Alexa to communicate with the speaker to pause, skip tracks, or load a favorite playlist.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ue speaker

The Megablast Speaker is battery powered and portable and can last up to 16-hours per charge. It’s water, dust and drop proof so it can go just about anywhere you go. It provides a powerful and clear sound with 360° of sound. You can even connect multiple speakers with the app. We’ve been so impressed with Ultimate Ears speakers. They have fantastic sound and are beautifully made.

Your Best Self for Valentine’s Day

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas demeter fragrance

Gift her clean fragrances where she can create her own personalized perfect scents with Demeter Fragrance. You can pick crafted scents with clever themes like First Love (with it’s notes of lemon zest, jasmine, honey suckle, water lotus, and white rose) or First Kiss (with hints of champagne, sugar, and black pansy) perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas demeter valentines day fragrances

Or start her off with a Naught or Nice Roll On Blending Oil Pack. Each set includes 6 fragrances that can be combined to create her own perfect blend or a unique scent for different moods and occasions. The Nice Roll On set includes base scents of Fuzzy sweater, Sunshine, Hawaiian vanilla, Salt air, Pixie dust, and Hibiscus.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 81tYiNghEeL. AC SL1500

Make time for each other (or as a family) being more mindful with The 6-Minute Diary by UrBestSelf. You can fill in an individual diary or talk about the daily and weekly prompts as a couple or a family to encourage meaningful conversations. Being more mindful with this daily diary approach can help you focus on the positive and things you’re grateful for while also reflecting on what you can improve and change in your life.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 6 minute diary

In The 6-Minute Diary, you’ll find undated pages that let you fit the diary to your own schedule. You’ll never feel terrible for an uncompleted dated journal! Each day you can spend just 6 minutes, with 3 minutes in the morning with making note of things you’re grateful for, how you’ll make the day great, and a positive affirmation. You’ll then follow-up in the evening with another 3 minutes reflecting back on the day with one good deed of the day, how you can improve, and sharing 3 great positives from your day.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Application video image2 800x

She will love this eco-friendly and non-toxic nail care products by Kapa Nui. Their nail polish and care products won’t damage the environment or cause harm to our bodies. They have created a water-based polish that will degrade cleanly and won’t harm your nails and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas kapa nui

Start with the Kapa Nui Base & Top Coat and then add your favorite color with gorgeous island inspired colors to choose from. When it’s time to remove the polish, you’ll need to use the specially formulated Kapa Nui Remover due to the unique water-based formula of the polishes.

Candy-Free Gifts for Kids

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas smart straws

Make Valentine’s Day extra fun with these Smart Probiotic Milkstraws by Smart Straw US. Kids can use the straws just like a normal straw and they’ll “magically” flavor their glass of milk with one of five flavors. Try the Cocoa-bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Hello Marshmallow, Velvet Vanilla, or Okey-dokey Cookies & Cream.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas girl drinking from smart straws

As they sip their milk through Smart Straw it will add probiotics and a fun, all-natural without any mess. Inside the straw is Bacillus coagulans, a beneficial probiotic strain, that can help improve your child’s immune system, digestive health, and normalize nutrient absorption throughout the body. What a great way to have fun, and sneak in nutrition, this Valentine’s Day! While it will feel like a treat, it’s actually good for them!

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas winning moves games 1

Family game night is the perfect way to spend quality (tech free!) time together as a family without all those extra distractions. What a great way to spend a family Valentine’s Day together. Take on Risk with a whole new layout in Risk Europe. You’ll battle to conquer and control Europe with it’s own set of layout challenges. This popular 1905 card game, Flinch, is back! Compete to be the first player to play all your cards in order to win!

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas double trouble game

Rubix fans will love the latest challenge with Rubik’s Orbit a spinning 360º puzzle to solve all 6 sides. The whole family can enjoy the “take that” aspect in Double Trouble! It’s Winning Moves 25th anniversary of creating games that are perfect for kids and families! Head over to find the perfect game for your Valentine’s Day game night and gifting.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas barney coloring books

Coloring is popular right now, and for good reason! It’s s perfect way to de-stress, calm anxiety, help kids to keep focus and their hands busy while listening, and it’s fun! But kids past early elementary school ages don’t want traditional coloring books. Look instead for patterns and scenes that are unique and interesting to draw them in, like this fun series of coloring books by Patrick Barney.

13 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas barney coloring books 1

In his latest book, Wally & Sidney Juniper e& Sally aMAZEing travels, each of the mazes are disguised within a picture scene so they can both complete a maze and then color in the picture. It’s such a cool twist on maze books that’s sure to excite your children.

Try one of Patrick Barney’s unique coloring books including Caravan of Creatures with all sorts of quirky animals to color, The Floppy Eared Bipedal Pachyderm & other Oddities with a range of animals and scenes, or A Journey into the Hinterland where you’ll color your way through the safari. You can find his books at Barnes & Noble.

What types of gifts do you give for Valentine’s Day?

Stephanie Stebbins

Tuesday 4th of February 2020

I could not think of a thing to get my husband this year. These are great ideas, thank you so much!

Ruth I

Tuesday 4th of February 2020

Oh these are all great gift ideas! Thank you for this list. The Megablast WiFi and Blueooth Speaker is cool!


Tuesday 4th of February 2020

These are really great ideas!! Perfect gifts for any occasion!

Lisa Joy Thompson

Tuesday 4th of February 2020

I have the Megablast speaker and I absolutely love it! It's awesome! The 6 minute journal looks really cool! I bet it would be a great gift!

Myrah Duque

Monday 3rd of February 2020

Thanks for the ideas. Those board games are amazing. The bedroom light is super cool.

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