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Baby Safety Month & Tips with Safety 1st

As an ambassador for Safety 1st, I will receive a variety of samples as well as compensation. All opinions are our own.

Safety is something so important, we can’t overlook protecting our little ones from dangers, whether seen or unseen. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I have been selected to work as a Brand Ambassador for Safety 1st! I will be working along with one of my contributors to share safety tips, reviews, and giveaways through the end of the year! September is Baby Safety Month and the perfect time to time asses how safe our homes are for protecting our children. Accidental injury is one of the top five causes of death, according to the CDC. That’s really crazy to think the simple changes we can make can have such a big impact on our family and prevent injury and possibly even death!

Safety 1st bundle

We have had latching cabinet door locks since my first was an infant. Fast forward year later, my now 3 year old has learned how to get into our cabinet doors. This isn’t a problem for most of our cabinets that just have tupperware, towels, and other things that won’t do him any harm at his age. However, we do have two cupboards we don’t want him to get into. It is time for us to introduce a different kind of lock, one he hasn’t learned to master. Since we added knobs to our cabinets earlier this year, we could now take advantage of the cabinet locks that slide over the knobs and secure into place.

Safety 1st Gate

Keep in mind that what has worked for one child may not be the perfect solution for another. My oldest was and still is very cautious, while my youngest is very brave and mischievous. At just one-year-old she is already putting things in the toilet and trying to flush them! She is constantly climbing and getting into things she is not supposed to. The Easy-Fit Security gate from Safety 1st is the perfect solution for her. We never needed a gate with our oldest, but I am loving have the option of putting one up to keep my youngest in or out! The best part is how easy it is to move around with us as we do different things during the day. It pressure mounts to the doorway, no hardware is needed.

Home Safety Tips

Julie Vallese, Safety 1st Consume Safety Expert, has shared some of her key tips for making your home safer for your children this month. She has great ideas in this quick video that are really easy to implement around your home. Check out this great video!

Safety 1st has an unwavering commitment to child safety with their innovative, quality and great valued safety products to safeguard our homes. Because of this commitment, they are helping to supply a home safety bundle to military moms through the non-profit organization, Operation Shower! Their goal is to provide love, honor, and a celebration even for military families who face the stress of deployment. I love that Safety 1st is giving back to those that really need it!