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PaddlePak by Trunki Review

I received PaddlePak bags in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Arizona. The place that my family calls home. Their really, really hot home. We spend our summers days just like most people spend their winters. If you live somewhere snowy you spend your winter months either in a warm heated building or playing in the snow. There is no reason to just hang out in the freezing air. Here we spend our summers either in the air conditioning or in the water. Wether we are running through the sprinklers, hitting the neighborhood splash pad, or going to swimming lessons we spend a lot of our summers in H2O.

I always hate climbing in the car after day out in the sun and piling the wet towels and swim suits in our trunk. Thank goodness we have our PaddlePaks now! A PaddlePak by Trunki is a water resistant backpack that you can put all your gear in for your adventures. They are perfect for trips to the beach or pool because they are  designed to stop wet stuff getting in, or leaking out!

photo 1

Here are a few of their features:

  • A break-away safety buckle
  • A Reflective trim/high visibility reflective straps
  • Dry zip pocket
  • ‘Trunki Grip’ for sunglasses or goggles
  • High quality water-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hanging loop
  • Roll top closure
  • Padded mesh back and an external mesh pocket

I wish there was a way for me to really show you how well these bags are made and how stinking cute they are! They look cute in pictures, but seeing them in real life takes it to a whole new level! To say my kids love them is a total understatement.

photo 2

The day our PaddlePaks came my son wore his all day long, and then he wanted it tucked in bed with him! My husband was at school late and didn’t get home that night in time for bedtime. Once my 3-year-old fell asleep, I removed his PaddlePak from his bed and hung it from the handle on his dresser. We were awoken extremely early the next morning by our little guy climbing into our bed, PaddlePak in tow, whispering, “Psst Daddy, look at my backpack!!” It was so cute!


PaddlePaks come in a variety of characters and two different sizes. They range in price from $25 to $30 and you can buy them here. They are recommended for ages 2+. Enter the below to win one of your own just in time for all your summer fun!