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New Kids Entertainment

I received a variety of media samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Spring has sprung! It is about time to refresh your kids entertainment selections! We are always looking for new books to snuggle up and read, new movies to watch, and new tunes to boogie to, here is a quick list of some of our new favorites!



Have you ever heard of the band They Might Be Giants? They’re a favorite at our house, even my toddler knows some of their songs. Naturally I was pretty excited to learn that their bassist, Danny Weinkauf, was releasing his first solo children’s album. No School Today does not disappoint! This album is not your typical kids music, it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is a favorite to cruise around town to in the car! From ice cream, to spelling bees, even a song about Ben Folds, you are sure to find something you love! This album drops on April 29th and can be found here.


home-cdbabycoverDog On Fleas is happy to present their 8th album: Buy One Get One Flea! Their website boasts: “Mostly recorded with piano, bass and drums, and some very energetic singing, this album also features a few songs recorded with the Backyard Dorkestra, a ragtag band with bassoon, piccolo, accordion, flugelhorn, sax, trombone, violin and kazoos.” Sound like fun? That’s because it is. My 3-year-old loves to sing the song Hinterlands and me and my husband get a kick out of Palindrome, a song all about words and phrases that are the same forwards and backwards like race car! It is a fun and energetic mix that will have your kids dancing! It has an ARV of $8.99 and can be found here.



123’s and ABC’s by Ella Jenkins is more along the line of your traditional children’s music. Using her 40 years of experience of performing for and working with children, Ella teaches educational content in a wonderful way. She talks quite a bit in the album, asking for responses from the kids as they chant and sing together. This cd features songs about the alphabet and counting in different languages. My kids love to sing along with the cd and are captivated by her voice and teaching style. It is a great educational pick. You can find this wonderful album here.


Thomas and Friends- Spills and Thrills


Sometimes being a really useful engine gets pretty messy! We always get excited for new adventures with our favorite friends on Sodor! This might be my son’s favorite Thomas adventure yet. He thinks it is so funny when those trucks get messy and and have to get themselves out of their latest predicament. We have been watching this dvd for about a month now and he still dissolves into goggles when James gets smelly kipper dumped all over him at the dock! This dvd features 6 never-before seen episodes that include:

“Away From the Sea”
“The Smelly Kipper”
“No More Mr. Nice Engine”
“Gone Fishing”
“Thomas’ Shortcut”
“The Afternoon Tea Express”

You can find this brand new DVD here, it has an ARV of $14.98.



Peppa Pig- My Birthday Party

Peppa Pig is a new show at our house. I know preschoolers everywhere have been in love with her for quite sometime, but we do not have cable tv at our house so they have never seen this cute show. It is safe to say that they are completely smitten with Peppa and her family. But daddy pig is definitely my kids favorite, he is always making them laugh with his silly antics. I love that this show teaches wholesome simple lessons my kids can relate to. This awesome dvd contains 14 fun filled episodes of Peppa for your family to enjoy. You can find this DVD here, ARV 14.98.




Angelina Ballerina- Spring Fling91RIF-lAe6L._SL1500_

Angelina and her dancing friends are back, and this time the dancing their way through spring traditions from all around the world. My little girl is convinced that she needs to wear her leotard and tutu anytime she might be dancing, so they are required while watching this show. Your kids will love to get up and dance along with Angelina through 6 music and dance filled episodes that include:

“Angelina’s Spring Fling”
“Angelina and the Front Page”
“Angelina and the New Jeans”
“Angelina’s Trick-or-Treat Feat”
“Angelina and the Poster”

You can find this DVD here. ARV 14.98


51jKrrvVYKL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Big Rig

By Jamie A. Swenson Illustrated by Ned Young

When you hear URRRRRRNNNT-URRRNNNTT from my living room, you are sure to find my kids sprawled out on the floor with this adorable new book from Disney Publishing. This fun book takes you out on the open road with Frankie the big rig truck as he loads up and makes a delivery. As you ride along you are introduced to all his driver lingo, kids will love to learn new words and do heir own sound effects as they read. We have read it so many times that my little boy has all the sounds memorized and loves to shout them out as we read along BANG! SHUUUUU… must have blown a tire, good thing help is on the way! Your kids will love the bright colors and fun illustrations in this great new fun filled story. ARV $16.99, your can purchase it here.


How To Loose a Lemur

By Frann Preston-Gannon

Everyone knows that once a lemur takes a liking to you, there is not much that can be done about it….

I was actually unaware of this fact until I read this adorable new book from Sterling Children’s Books. Join a small boy who has attracted the attention of a group of lemurs, he tries to ditch the uninvited friends in every way he can imagine. He travels on a train and hot-air balloon, and even climbs a mountain, but nothing will work to shake his new furry friends. But when he realizes he is lost, he might just be happy about his entourage! The illustrations in this book are just too cute, the rich colors are beautiful, and my kids love those clingy lemurs! You can find How To Lose A Lemur here, ARV $14.99