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My Mommy Wars Story

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Being a mother is the best and absolute hardest job in the entire world. We are all parents raising children with individual needs; because of these differences, we all choose different parenting routes. Unfortunately, sometimes these differences lead to mommy wars. Ever experienced a time as a parent where you’ve felt judged or belittled by others? Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. Check out my mommy wars story and how I’ve overcome the judgement of others .

My Mommy Wars Story

mommy wars

Before I had children, I worked extremely hard in school to become a registered nurse. When asked what my profession was, I was always extremely proud to tell people that I was a nurse. After graduating from nursing school, I had the opportunity to work as a nurse at a behavioral health hospital. I loved the great sense of accomplishment this job provided.


When I found out that I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I counseled long and hard together about the next step in our lives. We decided that it would be in our family’s best interest for me to become a stay at home mom. And let me just say right now, there is nothing wrong with parents working outside of the home. Like I mentioned earlier, every family is different and has different circumstances. For our family, we felt it was best to have me stay at home.

When I informed my co-workers and friends of our decision, I got many belittling comments pertaining to my choice to become a stay at home mom. When questioned about my profession, I would almost feel embarrassed telling people that I was a stay at home mom. I would receive replies like “No, I mean, what do you do for work?” These comments made me feel like just being a mom wasn’t enough. In the eyes of society, I did not feel like an accomplished individual.

stay at home mom

However, in the past three years that I’ve been a stay at home mom, I’ve realized that being a homemaker is the greatest blessing in my life. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me. Having my little so run up to me and say “I love you so much” is more praise than I could ever ask for. I still get to practice my nursing skills (we have many injuries and scraped knees on a daily basis), my children are happy, and I find joy and accomplishment knowing I’m doing the best that I can as a mother. I can honestly say that I now take pride in telling people that I’m a stay at home mom.

sisterhood of motherhood

That’s what I absolutely love about Similac’s #EndMommyWars documentary trailer. Although we all choose to parent our children differently, we are all united in doing what’s best for our children. It’s time to stop the mommy wars and realize that we are all in this together. You guys should really check this trailer out!

Do you have a mommy wars story? Share your thoughts and feeling on Similac’s Facebook page using #EndMommyWars.

 What’s your mommy wars story?

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