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Merry Cherub Cute App for Babies and Kids!

Merry Cherub is a beautiful app that includes rich original illustrations of a variety of animals. The different animals are revealed as your child touches your iPad or iPhone screen and watches the exciting reveal effects that include sparkly stars, rippling water, autumn leaves, and twining flowers. The app also features relaxing music to give the game a soothing quality. When the animal is revealed the animal name is spoken aloud in English as well as a second time in another selected language. This gives your child exposure to different languages and you will be able to select from Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Swahili and Hindi in future multi-lingual add-ons. Currently, Spanish is already included and installed with Merry Cherub.

Merry Cherub App

With Merry Cherub you’ll find a game that is soothing for young children. Together the images and music bring you back to nature. More than 18 different music tracks are included for variety. The images are high resolution and work well in both landscape and portrait view so the game is easy to navigate and enjoy for your little ones. Plus, your child will be working on their early developmental stages through play. Build hand-eye coordination through the reveal effects and begin to understand cause and effect relationships as their actions cause reactions in the game. Parental controls are hard for baby to reach with a small press and hold button that keeps baby playing safely in the app and not navigating around your phone or iPad.

Merry Cherub App

Merry Cherub is available for both iPhone and iPad and is available in the iTunes marketplace. This highly rated app has over 100 ratings with an average rating of 4.5 stars! It retails for just $2.99. This beautiful new app was created by One Monk Clapping who has a line of similar apps available including Natural Tots, Natural Tots Birds, Natural Tots Flowers, and Natural Tots Scenery. For more great apps, be sure to visit this game developers site!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I will be compensated for my time and efforts on this post.

Ash Johnson

Thursday 16th of August 2012

Very cool. I will definitely tell my sister about this. Here baby is obsessed with looking at her ipad.

Amanda Frith Thomas

Wednesday 15th of August 2012

 This is so cool  Thanks for sharing.  Apps like these are great for keeping kids busy at restaurants or in the car!!


Wednesday 15th of August 2012

that looks like fun, my kids would love it

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