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Kristen Bell: On Motherhood and Sustainability

I have partnered with P&G Fabric Care and Tide to create this content.

Do you stop to think about little ways you can be more green for Earth day? Those little swaps can have such a big impact on changing your habits and impact your home and the environment in big ways. Tide is celebrating Earth Day with a #CleanPledge campaign to offer simple swaps you can make in your laundry habits that will pay off in big ways. They partnered with Kristen Bell to share her wisdom on how we, as mothers, can impact the next generation in how they think about sustainability and care for our planet.

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Photo Credit: Brett Martin / This Mama Loves

Kristen Bell is in my top 10 favorite actresses, it’s so fun to have a chance to interview her and I loved her witty replies that came through. I can just hear her voice in each of these replies, especially her laundry hack, so funny — if only that were possible! Without further delay, here’s what she had to share with us on motherhood, sustainability, and laundry:


What is your favorite part about being a mother?

Seeing the world through new eyes. Kids remind you how fun everything can be.

As a mother, what do you find your biggest challenge is, and how do you tackle it?

Staying patient with my kids. I got better when I started understanding that when they are throwing a tantrum it is because they actually trying to say “this is too much for me, I need help. I cannot process the situation.” That helped me reframe all the times I just thought they were being little jerks and allowed me to help understand what they needed- even when they were unable to ask for it.

What first step would you recommend to someone who wants to move towards an eco-friendly/sustainable home?

The internet is a lovely resource for ways to convert your home to be more sustainable. Most things don’t take any effort at all! It’s all about knowledge.

Easy tips are available everywhere from putting a brick in your toilet tank to taking shorter showers- and almost all the home eco tips will also reduce consumption which means it will SAVE YOU HARD EARNED MONEY!


What is your favorite way to encourage these habits in your girls?

We talk about everything. Where the water goes when we see it run down the drain, how it gets to our house, where our trash ends up. I want them to know we share this planet with many other people, and have to be conscientious.

We often suggest reusing things like toilet paper rolls for craft projects and they love to throw the extra pasta water onto plants outside.

Why do you believe it is important for families to make their homes more eco-friendly and sustainable?

Until people start moving to Mars, this is the only planet we’ve got. I want to pass on a healthy environment to the next generation. They deserve it.

What is one easy way to start towards sustainable laundry habits for the everyday mom?

I’m currently working on an initiative with Tide and the WWF called the #CleanPledge. I’m always impressed when big companies make moves on the right side of history. Tide created a plant based detergent called purclean. The factory it’s manufactured at runs entirely on wind power- and the facility is zero waste to landfill. The challenge at is to wash clothes in cold water, use a HE machine, and wash responsibly with attention to the label so less clothes end up getting ruined and put in a landfill. For everyone who pledges, Tide will donate $5 to the WWF global conservation efforts.


Do you have a favorite laundry hack or tip you would be willing to share with my readers?

Don’t get dirty or sweat in your clothes and you’ll never have to wash them! Just keep them in the box and go nude. Commit to that- and I guarantee you will never do laundry again.

If you had one piece of wisdom or advice for wives and mothers, what would it be? 

Take time for yourself. Go easy on you. Gather all the information you can, even opposing arguments- and then walk away and trust your instincts. These are rules I live by.


Take the #CleanPledge Challenge

Earth day is coming up on Saturday April 22nd. It’s time to take a good, hard, look at how we are caring for our earth and our laundry. You don’t have to compromise and sacrifice on clean clothing in the name of an eco-friendly laundry routine. Tide purclean brings together sustainability and a deep clean you can be proud of.

3 Easy Ways to #CleanPledge Your Laundry Routine:

  1. Wash it in cold – Tide purclean works even in cold-water cycles, saving enough energy to charge your smartphone for a lifetime in just one year of col-wash cycles.
  2. Use an energy-saving HE washer – When your washer and dryer need an upgrade, make sure you look for an energy-saving machine. An HE washer can use up to 3x less water and save up to 65% of typical energy use.
  3. Extend the life of your clothes – Pay special attention to care labels on your clothes. These directions are there to help take care of the fabrics to keep them looking great longer.

Kristen Bell: On Motherhood and Sustainability teal quote“As a mom, a clean planet is just
as important as clean clothes.”

– Kristen Bell


Head over to to pledge this Earth day to take on these 3 easy ways to update your routine. For every pledge between now and Earth Day, Tide purclean will donate #5 to WWF’s global conservation efforts (up to a total $250,000 donation). One little pledge will help you save energy and make a difference in your home, and also impact a worldwide effort.

Kristen Bell: On Motherhood and Sustainability cleanpledge 1

You can pledge right on the landing page or with an easy tweet using #CleanPledge to note your commitment to sustainability.

Take action and pledge today, this world is ours to protect for our children.


Monday 17th of April 2017

Tide is my favorite detergent! I've got to check out this pure clean one!

Lisa Collins

Saturday 15th of April 2017

Love Kristen Bell and love her even more knowing we think the same. I too have said that I love being a mother because "Seeing the world through new eyes. Kids remind you how fun everything can be."!


Saturday 15th of April 2017

I have been using an HE washer for over 10 years now. I love how little water it uses and we always wash with cold water.


Saturday 15th of April 2017

I love Tide PurClean. I just recently used it for the first time and it was amazing.


Friday 14th of April 2017

Love these tips. It's amazing how simple tips can really make such a difference. Especially if we all do them!

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