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How to Make Your Child Feel Special on Their Birthday

One of the magical things about having children is getting to make your child feel special on their birthday! It’s that one day of the year that you can let them know how much you love them and give them extra special treatment.

My birthday is right smack in the middle of December. When my mom found out I was to be born in December, she started asking people with birthdays in that month, what they liked and disliked about it. What she found is that most December birthdays get overlooked by all the Christmas festivities.

My mom decided she would try really hard to separate my birthday from Christmas and make sure that I felt special. Let me tell you, she did a really great job of it. I feel like birthdays should make you feel like the King or Queen for the day. With that in mind, I have a few ways to help make your kid feel special on their birthday.

8 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special

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8 cheap ways to make your child's birthday special

1. Take lunch to your kid’s school. When my kids were younger, they thought it was so cool when I brought them a kid’s meal to school for lunch. It was so exciting for them. They got to walk around acting so cool that they had a kid’s meal and everyone else was eating the cafeteria food. They even liked that I stayed and hung out with them.  If you want to do something simple to make their day extra special, find out when their grade has lunch and take them something fun.

2. Make treat bags for the class at school. Kids love candy and treats. If your child is the reason they are getting treats, they will think your kid is so cool for the day. In turn, your kid will feel like the coolest kid in class.

Make treat bags for your kids to hand out at school.

3. Let them pick out their cake. The cake is one of the best parts of a birthday. Take them to the bakery and let them choose their cake. We took my daughter to the bakery one year and let her look through the big book of cakes. We pre-ordered her a really neat princess castle cake that she just loved.


4. Decorate their door. To add extra excitement and joy to their day, take a minute and decorate their bedroom door. Find a cool poster, some balloons or streamers and go wild. Have the other children get involved in helping their sibling have a great birthday. You can do it at night so they wake up and see it first thing in the morning, or do it while they are out. Whenever you do it, it is sure to make them feel special.

5. Have a sleepover. I know they are chaotic and messy, but they are also a ton of fun. When I was a kid, I used to have sleepovers out on my big trampoline. They were always so much fun. We broke out the karaoke machine and nail polish and had a blast. Birthdays are more fun and memorable when you are having a good time. Have a fun sleepover complete with junk food, soda and lots of fun activities.


6. They get to pick dinner. What is your child’s favorite meal? Whatever it is, let them decide. It sounds like a simple request, but I’m sure they will love it. It is always fun to get a say in what you get to do on your birthday. It makes you feel like King or Queen for the day. Even something as simple as picking dinner, is sure to make them feel extra special on their birthday.

7. Fill their room with balloons. Kids love balloons. I have never met a child that doesn’t. Go to a party store or even a dollar store and see about getting some balloons filled. Put them in their room and wait for them to walk into it. I bet that makes them feel like a million dollars.

How to make my child's birthday special

8. Throw a party at Chuck E Cheese’s. What’s better than throwing the best party for your kid? Having someone else do all the work. Chuck E Cheese’s has party throwing down to an art. If you are looking to make your kid feel like they are special on their birthday, Chuck E Cheese’s knows just what to do. Not only will your child and all of their friends have a blast, but the birthday child will be made to feel extra special on their day.

My kid had the best birthday at Chuck E Cheese's. It was super easy and fun.

Setting up a party is extremely simple with their online party booking. You choose a location, date and time. Then you pick one of three party package options and how many kids are attending. There are add-ons to choose from if you want them. After you have chosen everything you want, you finalize your order and that is that. All you do is show up on the day of the party with your gifts and kids ready to have a great time. You’re given a party host that will assist you with whatever you need and they take care of the mess.

Chuck E Cheese (2)

The kids that are counted in the party each get pizza, drinks and tokens to play games with. One of the best things about Chuck E Cheese’s is all their games only cost one token each. Also, with their unique child tracking at the door, you can feel safer letting the kids play, with less worrying that they will escape or leave with someone their not supposed to. That way, the kids can run and play and have a blast and you can enjoy the party more.

Throw an easy and fun birthday for your kid. Make them feel special on their big day. Let Chuck E. Cheese's do all the work for you.

One of my son’s favorite parts was his turn in the ticket blaster. The birthday child gets to go in and see how many tickets they can capture before the air stops blowing. It’s harder than it looks to capture all the flying tickets.

Chuck E cheese (6)

When you go to turn your tickets in for cool prizes, it is also neat that each ticket value on the prizes is also a dollar value. Therefore, if you have a child that didn’t win many tickets, you can always just buy the prize they want. No more crying over not having enough tickets.

Chuck E Cheese (3)

If you want your child’s birthday to be extra special, there are many ways to make it awesome. If you want it to be special and also hassle free, let Chuck E Cheese’s do it all for you. With their party planning and throwing expertise, your child is sure to have the best birthday ever!

Easy, fun ways to make your child feel special on their birthday!


Saturday 23rd of January 2016

Some great ideas there, indeed

Jennifer Mercurio

Thursday 14th of January 2016

We pretty much do all of these except a few. I'm totally going to try to incorporate a few more of these ideas. We haven't been to CEC in a little bit though but maybe for our next party!

Liz Mays

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Aww, I love these ideas. We did have a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's for my son one year.


Tuesday 12th of January 2016

It's great that you make your child's birthday something special. These are all wonderful ideas.


Tuesday 12th of January 2016

this is sooo cool. my friend has been looking for more ideas for her kiddies birthday. i will def share this with her. thanks! this is so awesome.

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