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How to Design a Room with Color and Texture

When you begin the process of decorating your home, the question of how to design a room to maximize the space is always at the front of our mind. When we started our Master bedroom makeover we learned so much and I’m excited to share with you the lessons that really stood out from our experience learning how to design a room!

How to Design a Room - Tips and Tricks for adding color and texture to your Design! #Design #Makeover #Room #Decor

When you first start, snap a few pictures of your room and really look at the pictures. Analyze what areas of your room really need help. Do you need more storage to manage the clutter? Do you need some color to liven up the space? Does the layout work for your room? Would adding in a variety of texture bring interest to your room design? Think about these and other questions that come to your mind and then start making a plan for your room. After you’ve thought out the answers to some of the basic questions about your room, take a look at these tips that helped us create a room with interest, depth, and style that we love!

Tips on How to Design a Room

Add a Mirror for Depth – If you have a small room to work with the best way to make the room feel larger is by simply adding a mirror into the room. A mirror will give lots of depth to the room and easily add in more light, too.

Glass adds texture to your room design

Use a Variety of Furniture Styles – When you walk into a furniture store you’ll see their arrangements with all of the furniture being exactly the same. This traditional style will work but it leaves you with little interest in the room since those large pieces of furniture take up the bulk of a room’s design. Instead, try adding just a few pieces from a traditional set – maybe the bed and a dresser – and leave the rest up to your imagination with unique pieces. Nightstands are a great place to add in color, style, texture or a conversation piece that can also be really usable for your space as well.

Add in a Variety of Textures – The quickest way to take your room from drab to fab is to add in tons of texture throughout the space. Add in bedding that is interesting, pillows with flair, glass, baskets, plants, canvas art, ceramic, velvet, or other similar pieces that will help your room take on a warmth by adding to one of your five primary senses – touch!

How to Design a Room

Don’t Forget Color! – Sometimes, we can be afraid of adding in a splash of color and tend to stick with neutrals or muted colors. Don’t be afraid to pick out a bright, bold, or pop color to make your room stick out. Just stick to one or two main colors you are aiming to pull out for your space, though, and be sure to have at least three strong places that you implement that color throughout your room design.

Don’t be Afraid to Change – If you have a bigger budget to work with or your room needs some major improvements anyways, don’t be afraid to change up some of the rooms standard features. Knock out a wall it if can help open the space, change out old carpet for something new, or pull out the paint brushes and get to work. We’ve been talking for the past year or so about buying a larger home to better fit our family. When we move next, we want hardwood floors because they look so beautiful and add such a rich warm color to the room as well as loads of texture. We think it is the perfect flooring for your kitchen space.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by a sponsor. Opinions and experiences are my own.

Sadie B

Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

Good tips for someone looking for a unique idea. I am too afraid of change to try them.

Christa Sloan

Tuesday 14th of May 2013

i don't agree with how to decorate these rooms. I prefer a more modern appearance.

Julie Wood

Sunday 12th of May 2013

I like to add color to a room instead of adding color to the walls. That way I like to use my decor to really stand out. Great tips for Designing a room.

sandy weinstein

Friday 10th of May 2013

goog tips, i try to stay w/antiques/traditional

Kelly Ann T

Friday 10th of May 2013

I have recently updated my spare bedroom. I love the splash of color idea. I will be on the lookout for some great throw pillows.

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