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Homemade Soap Scum Remover

The worst area in the entire house to clean is the bathroom. Are you with me? I hate scrubbing toilets, washing down the shower or tub, and disinfecting the entire room. It’s inevitable, and the job has to get done, so to help make the bathroom clean-up project easier, I keep a spray bottle of homemade soap scum remover in the shower and then spray down the walls before I hop out, then come back to wipe down the walls later. It helps cut down the grime and keep the worst task more manageable.

Homemade Soap Scum Remover

soap scum remover

You’ll Need:


Stir the cornstarch into your vinegar in a microwave safe bowl. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Remove and stir. This should look like a gel.

Add your Dawn directly into the reusable spray bottle. Then, add your cornstarch/vinegar gel, and gently shake.

Spray your homemade soap scum remover directly onto the tub or shower walls. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes, then wipe down with hot water.

homemade soap scum remover

Making your own homemade soap scum remover will save you a ton of money, too! This whole solution can be made for pennies, and will just take a few minutes to whip together.

Hooray for a cleaner shower, in no time!


Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

Thank you for the great tip! I was wondering if you can use this over time or do you have to use it as soon as you get it out of the microwave? What I mean is can you let it sit for a week or so and use it over and over?

Amy Desrosiers

Wednesday 6th of January 2016

I love homemade cleaners too! They are much easier on the lungs and work great!

Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

Wednesday 6th of January 2016

I've wondered if there was an inexpensive way to remove that soap scum! Thanks for the tip!


Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Iam definitely going to try this on the weekend. I much prefer knowing exactly what is in my cleaners.

Dawn Lopez

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

This sounds like a great cleaner! I like to use chemical free cleaners so a homemade formula is always better to me. I'll be sure to mix some of this up and try it.

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