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Top Holiday Gifts for Men

Don’t forget the amazing men in your life this holiday season. Sometimes it can be tough to find that perfect gift to let the men in our lives to show we care.

We’ve rounded up an assortment of amazing gifts for all the men on your list from the Outdoor Guy to the Avid Reader to the Tech-Savvy Businessman. You’re guaranteed to see some surprised smiles this holiday season when they unwrap some of these great gifts. Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men from A Mom's Take

We received a variety of samples and/or compensation in exchange for inclusion in this post. Affiliate links are used in this post. All opinions are our own. 


Top Holiday Gifts for Men

1. Gear for the Outdoor Guy – Montem Life has products designed to meet the needs of hikers with everything from trekking poles to hammocks and hiking packs, too. All Montem Life products are designed in the USA and they even offer free shipping on any size purchase!

  • Sneaky Snuggler Night Sky This limited edition snuggler blanket will keep him warm both indoors and out wherever he goes. It’s got a temperature rating of 40°+ and is the perfect size for 1 or cozy for 2!
  • Fly-Napple Hammock & Carabiners – Taking camping to the next level with the comfort and ease of a hammock! Skip the tent and instead set pack along this compact hammock that sets up quickly with a set of locking carabiners.
  • Fortem Pocket Blanket Keep one of these handy pocket blankets with you for a variety of uses on-the-go. It’s water and puncture resistant and creates a perfect floor mat with tiny storage space!


2. Exciting Strategy Games for Him – Starling Games brings fun and interesting gaming components and styles together to create a range of strategy games for the novice and board game enthusiast alike. Maybe best known for their popular game, Alien Frontiers, Starling Games has a variety of exciting titles to choose from.

  • King’s Forge This dice management game will have you pushing your luck and planning your moves to create a masterwork to gain the favor of the King.
  • Archmage In this strategy board game you’ll lead an order of mages towards an epic destiny to become the Archmage. With elements of explorations, resource management, and area control there’s a challenge for everyone.
  • Black Orchestra Try your best in this co-operative game based around the historic World War II events as you attempt to stop Hitler as part of the Black Orchestra conspirators.


3. A Multi-purposed tool for the Handyman – Brush Hero is a versatile and powerful tool every home needs. It can help clean and detail cars, bikes, clean out gutters or muddy boots, remove build-up from the grill, and so much more. The Brush Hero attachment connects to a standard garden hose and uses 50% less water than a freely running hose. Brush Hero was featured on Shark Tank and stands out from the competition by adding torque and spinning action to tackle every mess that comes its way.

  • Brush Hero Starter Set This beginner set will give you everything you need to get started including two interchangeable brushes – one for soft surfaces and another for tough messes.
  • Brush Hero Super Bundle – Combine the original Brush Hero starter set with a Soap Star to add soap to your applications and Flow Pro Trigger Handle to help reduce water waste.


4. For the Avid Reader, Gift an Subscription – Those that love to read or are always on the go will love the gift of a monthly, 3- or 6-month subscription, or even an annual gift subscription. Each month of their subscription, they’ll get a new credit to pick out any audiobook from the entire collection of over 125,000 titles! Whether they prefer fiction, self-help, documentaries, or rely on the best-sellers lists, there are titles to keep everyone interested.

  • 1 Month Subscription Get them started with their first month on you. You can personalize the gift by recommending a book to go along with their subscription, but the choice is theirs. Choose from email or print gifting options and select the delivery date to simplify your gift giving!
  • 12 Months Subscription Choose a longer term, and save big! The annual gift subscription will let them enjoy a new audiobook each month of the year. Plus, save $30 on the 12 month subscription.


5. Help him protect his family with Rescue Guard Emergency Kits – Take away the worry of the emergencies that always seem to arise with the comprehensive and ready to go Rescue Guard Emergency 72 Hour Kits. Each kit includes a 61-piece travel first aid kit. With the frequent news alerts of hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and more, being prepared will help give you the peace of mind you need.

  • Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit With a ready to go 72 hour kit for 2 people or 6 days of supplies for a single adult, this is the perfect kit for the single guy or a couple this holiday.
  • Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit Includes 72 hours of food, water, and supplies for 4 people. With survival shelters, rain ponchos, even a flashlight you’ll have all the gear ready so you don’t have to worry about it down the road.
  • Rescue Guard Advanced Survival Kit This includes everything in the Intermediate kit along with important survival tools including a knife, ax, lantern, and gloves and additional gear to tackle anything that comes your way.


6. Help him offer protection to his home with a Yale smart lock – Forget traditional keys, with a key free entry smart lock by Yale, you’ll be able to secure your home, and customize the access with ease, whether home or away. Use connected technology to lock your home, share temporary unlock keys, or monitor your home all with the help of one of the Yale smart locks.

  • Nest x Yale Smart lock The Nest x Yale lock integrates with your existing Nest products. You can seamlessly use the Nest app to create passcodes for friends and revoke access, as needed. Get alerts on your phone and lock or unlock your door from anywhere.
  • Yale Assure SL Smart Lock Integrate you smart lock in with your home automation and security with the Yale Assure SL lock. It seamlessly works with a variety of existing systems, simply pick your configuration including Zigbee, z-Wave, or iM1 Home Kit.


7. Help him travel in style with the Chester Minima Carry-On: Whether traveling for business or pleasure this Holiday season, he won’t want to leave home without his Chester Minima Carry-On Suitcase. Not only does this suitcase come equipped with various organizational tools such as a removable nylon laundry bag, interior organizers for small items, and two large compartments, but the Chester Minima Carry-On is built to last with its waterproof design and polycarbonate outer shell.

  • Chester Minima Carry-On: Weighing only 7 pounds, this durable carry-on comes equipped with 4 multidirectional wheels that maneuver like a dream. It also meets domestic and international flight requirements to fit in overhead bins (in both larger and smaller airplanes). The Chester Minima also comes in 7 different colors and a 10-year warranty


8. For that Tech-savvy businessman. Grab him an Everlast Notebook from Rocket Book. Rocket Book specializes in reusable smart notebooks. He will never need to buy another notebook. Just fill, scan, erase, repeat. These 100% reusable notebooks are simple to use and make notes digitized in seconds.

  • Rocket Book Everlast Notebook – Easily keep track of meeting notes or to-do list by creating and sending digital copies of hand-written notes via the app to most cloud services including DropBox, Google Drive or Evernote. The pages feel like real paper but are 100% reusable. Using a regular pen from the Pilot Frixon line, write on the pages like normal and scan. Then, wipe with a damp cloth and start all over again.
  • Rocket Book Wave Notebook This 100% reusable notebook is microwavable. Fill up the notebook, send to the cloud, then place in the microwave. The whole notebook is erased in no time.


9. Comfy shoes for the Golfer – Check out Golf shoes from Tomo. These spikeless golf shoes are designed for on or off the golf course. They are uniquely made for both style and comfort. He’ll be looking and playing his best game. Tomo Golf Shoes are eco-friendly and come in 4 colors including Charcoal, Stone, Forest, and Sand.

  • Tomo Golf Shoes– Their super comfortable, water-resistant knit is breathable and flexible. Tomo Golf Shoes are made with proprietary FLEX Technology for great traction and grip while being soft and comfortable to wear. They weigh 10 oz each and won’t weigh his feet down. Tomo Golf Shoes have a contoured fit and offer a soft landing, flex sole and better memory, so he can better his game all year long.


10. Give the Foodie the Perfect Spices – RawSpiceBar makes gifting to those who love to cook and love to eat an amazing assortment of freshly ground and quality spices, right to their door. Many of the varieties are salt-free and naturally organic! You can choose a RawSpiceBar spice gift set or deliver them an experience for the whole year with a gift subscription!

  • Quarterly Spice Subscription Gift him new spices every quarter! You’ll pick the subscription length and number of spices to include, and your recipient will get to customized their selections each month for a gift you know they will use and love!
  • Gift Spice Sets Easily pick a gift he will love with the curated spice gift sets like the BBQ rubs set, Indian spices set, Baking spices, Popcorn seasoning gift set, and more!


11. Give him the gift of health and bright lightOttLite lamps are made with eye health in mind. With exclusive ClearSun™ LED technology, OttLite is shown to reduce eyestrain by 51%. OttLite lamps bring in healthier light into the office or the home, making it easier to see, but with fun, stylish, technologically advanced features. Table lamps, floor lamps, crafting lamps and more. There’s something he’s bound to love.

  • Home & Office Lighting Brighten up his space at home or the office. Make life fun and colorful with color changing LED bases. Grab him a lamp with a USB charging port. Start his morning right with date, time, temperature and an alarm all in one stylish bright touch lamp.
  • Project Lighting See detail and colors as they really are with a natural bright light lamp from Ottolite. Project lamps come with a magnifying glass or utensil caddy for creating and working on projects with ease.
  • Bluetooth Speaker Lighting For the best of light and sound OttLite has lamps with Bluetooth speaker bases. He’ll be able to listen to his favorite music while lighting his space.


12. The Gift of Fast internet– No more dealing with dead spots in the home or slow lagging internet. With the M2 Hive Mesh WiFi system from Mercku, he’ll have the fastest connection in the world. If he’s constantly complaining about rebooting, buffering, or lagging, then this is the perfect gift for him.

  • M2 Hive Router– Sleek elegant design looks good on any surface without taking up much room. Covers your whole home up to 5,000 sq feet going through walls and into hard to reach spots. The M2 Hive Router can connect up to 60 different devices including speakers, TVs, phones and more.
  • Bee Nodes– Get the whole Swarm System Complete with Bee Nodes. Plug into any socket to get full home coverage. Bee Nodes make sure that the signal stays strong in every corner of your home. They can go in bathrooms, hallways and more, making sure that your connection stays strong.
  • Parental Controls– In this age, you need to have control of the internet and keep your family safe and grounded. You can use the app to monitor and control internet usage. Set time limits of when the network can be accessed, making sure your kids are in bed and not still up on their devices. Control the speed during homework time so kids can search Google, but not stream videos and much more.

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Which of these gift ideas would the men in your life enjoy most? 

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Joy Venters

Friday 23rd of November 2018

sounds like a nice lite - would love to win

qhuinn s

Friday 23rd of November 2018

The Ottelite lamp is the perfect gift for my husband. The light it gives off is good for eyes. Much needed since he gets eye strain from all his tech gadgets, and the lamp is man-friendly.

Trisha McKee

Friday 23rd of November 2018

It is the guys on my list that give me the most stress. I just can't find the right gifts. Thank you for the help!

Jane Jakins

Friday 23rd of November 2018

great ideals


Friday 23rd of November 2018

The smart lock is cool!

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