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Holiday Fun – Create a LEGO Minifigure Christmas Card!

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last year, I tried to send out a Christmas card. I ordered my cards and they turned out beautiful. I addressed about half the envelopes and even sealed and put on the stamp. I was just waiting for addresses for the other side of my family. As Christmas rolled past and then the New Year, honestly those Christmas cards from last year are still sitting in a pile in my office staring me in the face asking me why I didn’t get them out.

This year, I’m skipping the traditional Christmas card because I know I just won’t get them out no matter how well intentioned I am. Instead, I called my three older boys around and they all helped me create our own LEGO Minifigure Family photo and Christmas card. It was the highlight of our day as they each told me which pants they wanted and what character they wanted to look like. We all laughed as we added each of our family members to the postcard. It truly was so much fun, the best time I have ever had making a Christmas card.
Lego Minifigure Family

We saved our card and sent it out to our friends and family already on Facebook. It was like checking off one more item from the must do holiday list.

You can create your own free LEGO Minifigure family by adding up to 12 minifigures including pets! You are given the options to pick out the outfits, select a background, and even customize your greeting! You can add name labels to each of your minifigures as well to clarify who is in your card.

Have you already started your Christmas Cards?

Get started making your own LEGO holiday greeting by visiting their website, here:

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