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GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition Review

I received a GroPro Hero 3: Black Edition Review in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My Husband has been trying to talk me into buying a GoPro camera for quite awhile now. He loves to participate in the extreme sports and outdoor lifestyle that the GoPro camera seems to highlight so well. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in a camera we wouldn’t use that often. Boy was I wrong! I soon realized that the features of a GoPro camera are perfect for the small everyday adventures we experience with our kids.

I have been using the GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition.  GoPro makes the claim that this is the “World’s Most Versatile Camera.”  I think I would agree.  Not only does the camera have some very fun and very interesting settings to play with, but there is an incredible amount of accessories, both by GoPro and third party, that allow for even more interesting effects.  You can mount the camera anywhere from your head to your windshield and if you are creative, you can get some really fun video.


The camera is really intuitive to use and has a huge amount of settings to customize the quality of both video and pictures. Some of the modes include video, photo, burst mode, and timelapse. Each of these modes then has several settings to choose from to get just what you want.

I think one of the best features is that the camera is so small.  It is very lightweight and you can take it anywhere.  With the included waterproof case, the camera is extremely tough as well and has stood up to anything my kids could throw at it.


Besides just the basic photo and video modes, the burst and the timelapse have been fun for capturing just some basic family action. The timelapse mode takes a photo at any interval you choose and then using the free software that GoPro provides you can easily make a timelapse video. The burst mode can also take up to 30 photos in 1 second so you make sure you capture that perfect moment.

Another of my favorite things that this camera includes is built-in wifi. The camera comes with a small remote control so you can set up the camera anywhere and then use the remote to control any settings as well as starting and stopping recording. The wifi feature also works with an iOS phone app so you can use your iphone to see what the camera sees and control the camera’s functions.

We chose to capture a regular week of our summer to show how fun this camera is to use!

This camera has been a great to use to make simple family movies. Because it is so small, it is really convenient to carry everywhere to capture all of those little moments you want to remember.

The GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition can be found here on Amazon.