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Friends Like You – Eraser Valentines

Pull-apart erasers are all the rage right now, and your child’s friends will love this darling Eraser Valentines card! You can easily recreate this cute classroom valentine with our Friends Like You valentine’s day card printable and a few easy steps to assemble your cards.

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Hand out these darling Eraser Valentines classroom valentine cards! The free printable card says, "Friends Like You are a Real Sweet Treat" just add 3D summer treat erasers and you're done! #ValentinesDay #Vday #ValentineCards #ValentinesCards #Printable #ValentinesGifts

Eraser Valentines – “Friends Like You”


eraser valentines

Once you’ve gathered all the supplies, start by saving and printing our Summer Treats valentines cards. A single sheet of paper makes 8 printable valentines cards.

Then, you’ll want to cut out each of the cards. It’s easiest if you have a paper cutter to simply cut out the excess white along the sides and then straight down the middle. Then, just cut between each of the cards. This can also be done with scissors in a pinch, but your cards will look nicer and it will be much faster with a paper cutter.

valentines erasers card

When your cards are ready, you’ll be adding one 3D eraser to each of the cards. These erasers are so much fun as they can be pulled about and rearranged. Kids love to collect these and they’ll be a big hit in the classroom!

eraser valentines day card

We just use a small piece of washi tape to hold the summer treats erasers to the Valentines cards. I love using washi tape as it does a surprisingly great job at holding things onto the cards but won’t rip or tear the paper it’s sticking too. That means, when the kids pull their erasers off your printable valentines cards, the card won’t be ruined!

Finally, just have your child sign each of the cards and they’ll be ready to pass out on Valentine’s Day!

Printable Eraser Valentines Cards

Grab the free printable copy of our Eraser Valentines cards to easily make your own homemade valentines this year! Each sheet of paper can print 8 valentines cards so in most cases you’ll need just 3-4 sheets of white cardstock and a set or two of the summer treats erasers. Each set comes with 24 erasers!

Click Here —> to Print the Summer Treats Valentines Printable!

Just click the image or link above and our printable PDF will open in a new tab. You can then print or save a copy for your own personal, non commercial use. To share with a friend, just send them to this post!

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Hand out these darling Eraser Valentines classroom valentine cards! The free printable card says, "Friends Like You are a Real Sweet Treat" just add 3D summer treat erasers and you're done! #ValentinesDay #Vday #ValentineCards #ValentinesCards #Printable #ValentinesGifts

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Jennifer Quillen

Sunday 11th of February 2018

This is such a cool Valentine! Definitely a twist from giving candy or other sweets!


Saturday 10th of February 2018

How fun! I would love to receive something unique like this if I were a kid!

Desiree Lopez

Friday 9th of February 2018

Many schools don't allow kids to hand out candy treats since there are so many food allergies with the other students. This makes such a great alternative! These cards are super creative too.

Marcie W.

Friday 9th of February 2018

This is such an adorable Valentine's Day idea! It would be totally perfect for my tween daughter, since she still wants to pass out cards to friends.


Friday 9th of February 2018

What a fun idea and I love that it's not candy because so many parents complain about the candy and junk food. This is great, a useful item too!

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