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Fast Fixin’ Chicken Review

My kids love chicken nuggets. Whenever I ask my boys what they would like for lunch they shout one of two things: peanut butter sandwich or chicken nuggets! Needless to say, we go through lots of chicken nuggets in our house. But nuggets aren’t created equally. Fast Fixin’ Chicken has 25% less fat than the national leading brand. They also make their nuggets from all natural white chicken meat with zero “mystery meat”. Together that makes a healthier nugget that me and my boys can both agree on.

Fast Fixin Chicken Review

Fast Fixin’ chicken is really quick to heat up and can be cooked in the microwave or in your oven. When I have just two of my boys at home, I just toss a plate in the microwave for each of them as it’s faster and doesn’t heat up the rest of our house. My boys loved the Fast Fixin’ chicken nuggets. They gobbled down their plate of nuggets that we served with applesauce without any complaints. My four year old even told me that he “really liked these nuggets!”

Fast Fixin Chicken Review

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