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Baby Monitors Are For More Than Just Babies!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VTech Communications. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been in and out of baby monitors for over 7 years, now. There was a period of time I thought I didn’t even need a baby monitor, boy was I wrong. Or that I didn’t need a monitor any more once my kids were out of the crib, another misnomer. I just set up a VM333 Safe & Sound baby monitor into the shared bunk bed room of my boys who are 3 and 7. Before this monitor, I didn’t have anything in their room. When they would break out into a fight or the room would magically get torn apart by “I didn’t do it” crew during the day I was never really sure what was going on. It’s opened up a completely new world to me being able to see my boys in their beds and know exaclty what is happening.

Baby Monitors Are For More Than Just Babies! VTech Monitor 2

Since putting up the monitor, I can now check on both of my boys in their respective beds since the camera can be adjusted up/down and left/right to pan the room. This lets me not only hear what’s going on, but literally see it too! I can see them in their beds with a quick check that tells me if they are sleeping, reading quietly in bed which I’m totally fine with, or up and about playing or making a mess in their bedroom. Another extremely helpful aspect that has been so extremely nice is the ability to talk through the parent unit into the room similar to a walkie talkie. Now, first thing in the morning when my alarm goes off I can peek on my son who is often up before I am and chat with him should I need to wake him up, remind him to grab socks and underwear, or any other things I might need to say.

Baby Monitors Are For More Than Just Babies! VTech Video Monitor

I really love how clear the picture is. It was really, really difficult to capture the picture display with a camera because of the lighting on the screen, but it is the clearest video monitor I have ever seen. The picture is a much higher resolution that the one I used a while back with my infant. It also is much more colorful in daylight and clearer in night mode. Having such a clear picture makes it easier to see what is going on in the room and assess if I need to go into the room or if everything is just fine.

Baby Monitors Are For More Than Just Babies! VTech Monitor

Because I have four boys spread out between two rooms, I really appreciate that I can add on additional cameras and sync them to one parent unit and scan between the channels keeping an eye on all of my kids. I’m seriously thinking that I need to add a camera into their playroom as well to keep an eye on them when they go out to play as our playroom is in the garage and it’s hard to keep an ear on them when they head out there to play.

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Do you use a baby monitor for more than just your infant?

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