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7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier

Getting all of the childhood immunizations done can be a big task to stay on top of and stick to a schedule. There are a few simple things you can do to make immunizations easier for everyone. Take out the trouble of remembering when the next appointment should be made and simplify the visits with these simple steps!

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7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier

Try these tricks to make the immunization process easier for your family! Childhood vaccines are important, but they're a lot to remember and keep up with. Keeping a record, making the visit easier and ending with less tears will help everyone!

Print out a Schedule – There are lots of websites that offer a free printable chart that breaks down the immunization schedule very easily. Having a schedule handy and knowing what immunizations are needed and how many total visits your child will need will help simplify the process. You’ll be able to pull out the schedule whenever you might need to, like at each of your child’s milestone dates, and see what immunizations are coming up next.

Set a Calendar Reminder – Take advantage of the features on your smartphone or computer to set up reminders at each milestone for upcoming appointments already made and for dates in the far future when you’ll need to plan for and schedule out your next appointment for immunizations.

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier Vaccine Record

Keep a Record – Most likely, you have a shot record on hand. That booklet can be easy to misplace, leaving you scrambling when it’s time for camps or school registrations. Keep a file folder of all pasts immunization appointments with the doses, type, administration site, and dates so you have a full record needed, should you ever lose your immunization booklet.

Skip the Dr’s Office – The pediatricians office is frequented with sick kids and loads of germs. Even with a well side and a sick side, you’ll be left pretty exposed. The wait time can also be frustrating and long. Instead, completely skip the doctor’s office. At CVS MinuteClinic, you can set your appointment online or through your phone and get an alert when it’s time to head in for your visit, so you just have a few minutes wait when you arrive.

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS03995

Make it a Double Purpose Visit – If you have more than one child, sync their visits to cut back on the number of appointments. By knocking out all of your visits in one shot, you won’t have to feel like you’re taking up residence in a practitioner’s office space. You can also use your one appointment time slot for more than one need. Schedule your immunizations and get a physical at the same time. Or pair immunizations with their yearly well visit.

Bring a Distraction – Bring something your child enjoys, a toy, book, or even a device to keep them preoccupied and distracted while the immunizations are being administered. When a child is focusing in on the shot, they’ll tense up and it will hurt more. If you can keep them distracted and eyes on something else, the process will be much faster and easier for everyone.

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS04022

Cheer Them On – Make sure you tell them what a great job they are doing! Cheer them on for being brave and strong. Get excited with them about their fun new bandaid and how they can show it off at home to their siblings and their other parent. Those little things to distract from the surprise of getting a shot will smooth over the transition from one vaccination to the next or from the round of vaccinations to time to go home.

Immunizations Made Easy at CVS MinuteClinic

We went in to our local CVS MinuteClinic, which was conveniently located inside the local Target store. The first step was to register and check-in at the kiosk, which just took a few minutes, and the kiosk shared estimated wait times right up front before registering. You don’t need an appointment to head in for a visit, but you can skip the line and get an alert when it’s time to head in for your appointment if you do add yourself to the queue online.

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS03989

I noticed right away how different the feel at the CVS MinuteClinic was in comparison to a doctor’s office. The waiting room wasn’t stuffy and closed off from the world. Before we knew it, it was our turn to head back and check insurance coverage and finish any additional registration questions the practitioner had about allergies or if my son was feeling well that day, so that he’d be ready for his vaccinations.

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS04027

I kept my little one busy with my phone and some funny puppy videos on YouTube which kept his eyes focused on the screen (and away from the shot). The MinuteClinic practitioner did a great job, and he was surprised when the needle hit, but it was easy to redirect his attention back away from the pain and tell him how proud I was of him for being so brave!

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS04038

Our entire appointment at the MinuteClinic was only about 15 minutes, and we were off on our way again to finish the rest of our errands for the day. The practitioner sent us home with a copy of our records to keep, without even having to ask, which was so helpful!

7 Ways to Make Immunizations Easier CVS03983

With how quick and easy our appointment was, I can’t wait to find more ways to use our local CVS Minute Clinic. They are open evenings and weekends which makes it really convenient to take care of regular appointments and lab work or to stop in when you’re feeling under the weather and need a quick check-up.

Tatanisha Worthey

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

Thanks for sharing your tips. I like the idea of skipping the Doc's office and getting them down somewhere else. And, yes, bringing distractions (esp if they are little) is a must!

Dawn Lopez

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

Technology makes it so much easier to distract kids from the immunizations. I could have used that and the CVS MinuteClinic when my son was younger to make getting his shots go more smoothly.


Tuesday 1st of August 2017

Great tips! Anything to help make immunizations easier is helpful for sure!

Amanda West

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

Immunizations are so hard! It's hard to prepare for them as a mom too. Love your tips to make it a little easier on both.


Monday 31st of July 2017

Great list of tips. Thanks for sharing

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