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5 Summer Getaways with Kids!

What summer getaway plans do you have underway? My children are all still pretty young so I have reflected back to my youth and the summer trips we would take! Here are my thoughts on five great summer getaways I feel every child really should have while they are young!

5 Summer Getaways with Kids!

1. Camping -This trip doesn’t have to be far from home, even just an hour trip can be really fun. We love loading up the car with lots of fun treats for camping like s’mores, pancakes for breakfast, and lots of fresh fruit to take along with us!

We all snuggle up in our sleeping bags in a row in our tent and get to hear the kids snore right beside us, when they finally fall asleep that is. It’s so much fun, even if you do come home covered in dirt!

Beach Day!

2. Beach – Kids LOVE the beach and I remember as a kid myself how it was just SOOOO much fun to spend a day at the beach! There’s nothing quite like splashing in the ocean, building sand castles, and coming up with all sorts of games to play!


3. Theme Park – While I personally love theme parks so this one makes my list, I do think it there is something really magical about them to children as well. I would say Disneyland or Disney World would be the top pick, but there are other great theme parks geared towards children as well, in fact when we went to Legoland last month it was a HUGE hit with our boys!

4. Trip to Grandma/Cousins/Etc – When I was 10 I was allowed to fly to visit my cousin for a week every summer. This was SO special for us as we really got to know each other since we didn’t live close by. We always had so much fun and it was always a highlight of my summer! This could be a nearby relative as well and just an over-nighter, do what works best for you!

5. Family Reunion – Right along with the last one, I feel that family is really important. If we never went to our yearly family reunions throughout my youth I wouldn’t know my extended family at all! I’m glad that I had the chance to get to know my family even if I don’t communicate with all my extended family often.

Any family vacation, or kids getaway, that you do plan I’m sure will have a ton of meaning and be something your child will remember the rest of their life. What are your summer plans?

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