South Grand Canyon Family Day Trip!

As a family we really enjoy taking day trip vacations to visit different areas and attractions around our state. I want to take advantage of how really close we are to the different things to do and see around Arizona while we still live here because you just never know when your family might need to move and would have missed out on some of the things you really wanted to see while you were still so close. Plus, since we make a special point to see so many of the areas around Arizona, we have created tons of family memories together on the several day trips we take throughout the year.

South Grand Canyon View Point

In the spirit of visiting and enjoy our local attractions, we decided to take a family day trip up to the South Grand Canyon viewpoints. It’s just a four hour drive from our home which means it’s easy enough to spend just one day for the trip and see all we need to see. We’ve been to the Grand Canyon before but the last time we went our oldest was two year old and our second was a newborn. Since it had been four year and my other boys had yet to visit this really amazing natural wonder we decided it would be a fun trip.

South Grand Canyon Watchtower

We started our visit at the eastern side of the Grand Canyon at Desert View visitor center. This isn’t our favorite view along the route but they do have a really neat looking Watchtower that you can go up in and see down into the canyon from higher up. There are a lot of steep winding steps to the top, but it’s still a fun adventure to head to the top of the Watchtower.

South Grand Canyon Family Day Trip

After our stop at the Watchtower, we stopped at two more locations along the 25-mile stretch that follows the South side of the Grand Canyon. We prefer these views as they are less busy and feel so much more natural really showing off the beauty of the canyon. Having already been to the Grand Canyon previously, it wasn’t as awe inspiring as my first visit but it still is absolutely beautiful and really amazing to see a view of the world stripped away from all the shops, cars, and always moving society we live in. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place to look out in amazement at God’s creation of the world we live in and regain some perspective about life and our purpose.

South Grand Canyon Family Day Trip

We had a really fun time visiting South Grand Canyon with our boys and made some fond memories together. Kids are so funny and we had some really funny kid-isms along our trip. My favorite when my six year old decided to tell us everything was “Not Grand!!” We kept telling our boys – “Look! There’s the Grand Canyon”. Every time we’d prompt our son to look he’d look and then reply, “Not Grand!” He loves to tease, just like his dad. It really made me bust up every time though.

South Grand Canyon Family Day Trip

We’ve enjoyed day trips to many other cities around Arizona and always really enjoy our time. Some of the other places we have visited over the eight years we’ve lived here include: Sedona, Lake Havasu (Home of the London Bridge), Scottsdale, Jerome, Prescott, and many other cities.

What are your favorite day trips to visit around your town?


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South Grand Canyon Family Day Trip! — 32 Comments

  1. The Grand Canyon is very beautiful. It’s true when they say that seeing it in person is so much more amazing than seeing it in photographs or video.

  2. I LOVE the Grand Canyon – I was there once and would love to go back one day. I would highly recommend a trip there to anyone. Around my town, my daughter and I like to visit the zoo.

  3. How beautiful! It looks amazing. I bet your boys just loved it! I hope to be able to experience it one day.


  4. I remember when we went there a few years back, it’s just awesome there.

  5. The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in this country

  6. Awesome pictures! You’re very brave to sit on the edge,that’s way to close for me.Lol! I’m very afraid of heights. Arizona really has some beautiful sights. Thank you for sharing your trip and pics :)

  7. So beautiful! And your family looks so happy, too. Thanks for sharing.

    I live close to Acadia National Park, in Maine. There is no fee for one section (the Schoodic Peninsula area), and I love going there. Or anywhere around here, for that matter. I’m lucky to live here.

  8. wow breathtaking it actually makes me a bit queasy to see the pictures that look like you’re right on the edge

  9. There are a lot of lakes in my area, so we like to take our dogs for a walk around them sometimes. Nice little family outing. :)

  10. what great pics, im so jealous ive never been i would love to go, i bet it was amazing, thanks for the great post, lucky duck

  11. that is purely amazing! here in indiana we take the kids up the dunes, and through the path ways the fur trappers use to take, its facinating and kids really enjoy learning!

  12. You are lucky to live that close! We went a couple of years ago and stayed at one of the ranges for a night. We loved it! We really don’t have anything around here other than the beach and zoo about an hour away. Anything else is a good 3-4+ hr drive!

  13. I have only been to the Grand Canyon once- when I was a child/young teenager with my parents. I shall never forget the views and walking there with my dad.

  14. Just LOOKING at where you guys are SITTING… gave me the anxiety attacks!!! I have that irrational fear of heights and I wonder can I go see this Grand Canyon without freaking out? I saw it as a kid- my hubby never did.. WE ARE GOING this summer!!! LOL I will face my fears!

    • You’ll have a great time!! We aren’t as close to the edge as it appears!! Lol. There are parts that are fence lined so you don’t have to be as nervous. :)

  15. Beautiful…only been once, and just as a side stop on the way from California to Texas (got there just at dusk and saw the sun set).

  16. I love taking day trips too. Especially if they are educational ones or ones that have lots of scenery like the Grand Canyon. Great pictures.

  17. ZBaltimoe has all kinds of museums-our favorite is the train museum. we also stop by Edgar Allen Poe’s grave whenever we are downtown

  18. My husband & I went in February of last year – still a little bit of snow here & there – it was truly an amazing sight!

  19. Looks beautiful! I would love to take a trip to the Grand Canyon sometime in the near future!

  20. I would love to go to the Grand Canyon, but I would stay far from the edge. I felt dizzy just looking at your pictures. I think it is wise that you visit all the neat things near where you live because you don’t know when you might have to move. I have lived all over and often regret not seeing some of the local attractions when I could.

    • Whew! Good to know! I know some people are OK with heights, but I am soooooo not one of them. I would never make it on those reality contest shows where people are constantly way up in the air doing stuff. I would be just a giant, dead weight of terrified woman in a faint dangling in the safety harness.