ClosetMaid Closet Makeover Project – Before!

ClosetMaid is the worldwide leader of home storage and organization solutions. With their range of styles and solutions, there is something for everyone! You’ll be able to find so many useful tools built right into their website to help you get started with your own organizational projects. Start by getting ideas and browsing sample plans. I got started there as well and picked out the products I would need for my project. You can pick a room type to browse by and select a few preferences to see styles that will best fit your needs and space. They have styles you can browse for your closets, garage, office, pantry and others! After you have your idea in mind, you can even jump right in with the Do-It-Yourself Designer by ClosetMaid that lets you enter your actual measurements and pick and choose pieces to make your own custom design! ClosetMaid has tons of products and solutions from inexpensive and durable wire shelving racks to beautiful laminate storage units that leave an impression. You can add all sorts of accessories to really give you that custom space from cubbies to tie racks to shoe shelves and more. Here’s the design that got me started for our closet makeover project. We did make customizations to the plan and added our own touches, though.

ClosetMaid Closet Storage

When we bought our home, over seven years ago, the closets came with a single built-in hanging rod. We’ve lived with the closets set up this way for so many year and had to use stacked up bins, totes, and other storage solutions to have any sort of an organized feel to the closet. Still, it’s always a big task to move around the totes and access whatever happens to be in the bottom tote, which of course is always the one we need to access. I am so excited to get started with our new ClosetMaid installation and see the transformation! I am most looking forward to adding in some drawers in the closet which will be perfect for storing socks, undies, and pajamas that my 2 year old hasn’t been able to reach for himself out of the top drawer of his dresser. Here’s a look at our room as it looks today… now I’m off to empty out the closet and tear down that shelf! I’ll be back with an after look at our new closet in a couple of weeks!

ClosetMaid Makeover - Before

When you’re looking for ways to update your space and get your clutter tackled, be sure to check out ClosetMaid’s beautiful solutions that make it easy to do-it-yourself and get just the look you want! You can find ClosetMaid products online including their website and their online Amazon storefront and at home improvement and mass merchandising stores. What area of your home would you most like to get organized?

Disclosure: I received ClosetMaid products to facilitate my closet makeover. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


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ClosetMaid Closet Makeover Project – Before! — 11 Comments

  1. they always show the after, with matching hangers, everything so neat, wonder if people’s closets really look like this. i have a big walk in closet with cedar and built in wooden shelves and mine does not look like this, have too much stuff, clothes, shoes, etc. the older i get the less organized i am….

  2. I’d love to get a couple of these for my kids, but I’m a little afraid to open their closets to organize them

  3. Our closets upstairs are weird sizes because of the slop of the ceiling/wall. Could totally use a makeover like this. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing for your son!

  4. I actually Just Redid My sons With Lots of space saver things it makes a huge diffrence