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Unique Toddler Toy – Wheely Bug

I received a Wheely Bug in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Having an extremely busy toddler, I’m always looking for fun and unique toys to entertain my son’s inquisitive mind. I love finding toys for my son that encourage exercise and help develop motor skills. These types of toys seem to grab his attention for hours at a time while providing endless fun. The second I stumbled upon Prince Lionheart’s Wheely Bug, I knew this toy was a must have for my son. Combining motor skill development with exercise and absolute fun, your child will instantly fall in love with Wheely Bugs.

Prince Lionheart’s award winning Wheely Bug is the perfect ride-on toy for toddlers. With two different sizes (small for children aged 1.5+ and large for 3+), and 6 different styles to choose from, there is a Wheely Bug perfect for every child: cow, ladybug, bumble bee, mouse, pig, tiger. Great for encouraging gross motor skills, the Wheely Bug’s multi-directional wheels allow for fun and easy play. Made from PVC free and non-toxic materials, the Wheely Bug is crafted with children’s safety in mind. Whether your toddler uses their Wheely Bug to scoot, push, or ride, the Wheely Bug provides endless fun for children of all ages.

wheely bug

My son is completely smitten with his cow Wheely Bug. The second I pulled it out of the box, he immediately ran over, gave it a kiss, and wanted to play with it. Weeks later, his Wheely Bug is still his toy of choice. Before he figured out how to scoot on his Wheely Bug, my son still had fun pushing the Wheely Bug around the house. In fact, I wish we would have had the Wheely Bug a few months ago to help teach my son how to walk. I am amazed at how easily the Wheely Bug works both inside (on carpet) and outside. My son enjoys riding his Wheely Bug EVERYWHERE. One aspect that I really appreciate about the Wheely Bug is how light it is; my son is able to pick it up and carry it outside on his own. Because my son enjoys carrying his Wheely Bug outside, it often gets dirty. However, the Wheely Bug is SUPER easy to clean with a damp cloth and always looks like new. It truly is a very well made toy – extremely durable. I love that the wheels rotate in every direction which makes it so the Wheely Bug never gets stuck. My son and I love every single aspect about the Wheely Bug; this toy truly is a must for every little toddler.


To purchase a Wheely Bug ($75), be sure to visit for more product information.