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Recipe for the Best & Easiest Fruit Dip Ever!

With the Holidays in full swing, it seems like every day is packed with activities and events, or spent preparing for those activities and events!  The second I feel like I have a “break” I start to think about what is coming up next on my plate and end up spending my “break” preparing for it!  I may as well face the fact that things are only going to get busier and I probably won’t be relaxing until January!  So, for those of you that need a recipe for a quick and delicious dip to take to any potluck, party, or activity here it is! You won’t be disappointed, this is the easiest fruit dip ever!

Fruit Dip Ingredients

Fruit Dip Ingredients

I could literally stop writing because that’s it!  Here are a few tips that may help and more pictures…

Fruit Dip Prep

  • Whisk together a small box of Vanilla Pudding with 1 cup (or 14-oz can) of Cream of Coconut (usually found in the alcohol aisle by the syrups and mixes)
  • After it is well blended, add 2 8-oz tubs of Cool Whip (mix in with a spatula for best results)
  • I use 2 8-oz tubs of Cool Whip so I can freeze half of the dip!
  • Serve with any fruit!  My favorite is pineapple, but it is also great with apples, strawberries, bananas, grapes, watermelon (in the summer), or you can just eat massive spoonfuls because it is so good!

Best Fruit Dip

I don’t have a clue where this recipe came from or what it is called, but be prepared for several people to ask for it!  You can also mix it up with different flavors of pudding or Cool Whip.  Maybe even make it a bit healthier by using Fat-Free Cool Whip!  Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any other ideas for how to spice it up or any questions.  Have a Merry Christmas!   

Homemade Strawberry or Banana Milkshakes are another perfect holiday recipe!

Kelly Nicholson

Saturday 16th of February 2013

always looking for some good fruit dip..thanks

Denise Taylor-Dennis

Friday 4th of January 2013

This sounds easy and delicious I will have to pin this one.

christina moore

Thursday 3rd of January 2013

Thank you for sharing, can't wait to try it

Kelly Nicholson

Tuesday 25th of December 2012

looks easy enough..thanks!


Friday 21st of December 2012

I love easy recipes & this looks like a good one. Thanks for posting it :)

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