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A “MAZE” Valentine Card Printable

What kid doesn’t love a maze? When I pulled out the pack of party favor mazes I picked up to make these cute valentines, my boys each immediately grabbed one and silently played for 10-15 minutes each until they completed the maze. Then, they all wanted to swap and try the next one. These maze valentine card and puzzles are not only cute, but really fun and candy free!

Maze valentine

You’ll need:

These valentines are super easy to make! Start by can picking up party favor mazes. You can find them for about 4 for a $1, making this an inexpensive valentine!

Now, save the A”MAZE” printable valentine sheet. It comes with 12 valentine’s per sheet, so to make enough for a typical classroom you’ll need to print 2-3 sheets. You can grab the free PDF by clicking the link below. The PDF will open in a new tab where you can view the printable and save or print the file.

A “Maze” Valentine Printable Cards

Maze valentine

Next, cut out each of the cards. I happened to have a 2″ scalloped punch, so it too me seconds to punch them all out. You can cut the cards in circles or squares using scissors or recruit the kids to cut out the cards. Also have your child sign all of their cards on the blue striped line so their friends know who the fun gift was from.

Once your cards are all cut out, grab a small piece of washi tape in a fun print and tape your A”MAZE” printable cards right to the puzzle mazes! It’s that easy, you’re Valentine’s Day cards are ready to hand out!

Maze valentine

Your child’s classmates will love these maze valentine cards just as much as my boys have! They are a perfect alternative to avoiding candy or worrying about allergies. Hope your Valentine’s Day is a”MAZE”ing!

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