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Maytag Kitchen Ice2O Refrigerator! #MaytagMoms

Maytag Kitchen Ice2O Refrigerator! #MaytagMoms maytag kitchen badge

We have now been using our beautiful Maytag appliances for six full weeks and I can’t imagine ever going back! I love so much about our new appliances and I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite features of the Ice2O French Door Refrigerator.

Maytag Ice2O Fridge #MaytagMoms

The fridge has SO much room! With the french door access it is really easy to fit large casserole dishes, cakes, watermelon, you name it that used to take a whole lot of rearranging to find a space for in my previous fridge. I appreciate the large bins on the right hand door that fit milk, juice, and soda bottles easily. There isn’t, however, a lot of spaces for condiments (or we just have way too many, which is probably the case) on the door. I love how easy it is to clean the fridge. We’ve had several spills already including raw meat that could have been a disaster but instead clean-up was very quick and easy! The shelves actually slide out making it really easy to clean even the back of the shelf. Since it is so easy to keep our fridge clean, it is no longer a daunting task so we have been able to stay on top of keeping our fridge clean, too! If you think the above looks like a lot of space (and it is!!) this isn’t even all of the fridge space available! The Ice20 Fridge also comes with an Easy Access refrigerator drawer!

Maytag Ice2O Fridge #MaytagMoms

I have come to really depend on the Easy Access drawer! I love the ease of being able easily view and reach a variety of foods. I load up the drawer with lunchbox foods and snacks for my littler boys that are not yet in school. That makes it easy for them to reach and get their own snacks that I approve of. Our Easy Access drawer is loaded with gogurt, string cheese, apple sauce, fruit cups, and drinks for school lunches. We also use a portion of the drawer for cheese – which seems to be the one ingredient we are always reaching for. Plus, we have a variety of vegetables in the drawer, too, which makes it easy to find and see the smaller veggies like garlic, onions, and tomatoes without them getting buried in a veggie drawer as they always used to in our old fridge.

Maytag Ice2O Fridge #MaytagMoms

Below the Easy Access drawer is the freezer section which also has a sliding drawer that gives you two different levels in the freezer. This makes it really easy to see everything in the freezer as nothing is buried at the bottom of a large bin. We have room for meats, freezer meals, frozen fruit, treats and more. The freezer does seem slightly smaller than my last freezer that was a side-by-side style, but it is way easier to find things inside and I love having “areas” where I can store all my like items really easily so I know right where things are and where to look first.

Fridge Organization Tips

Having an organized fridge can sometimes be a struggle but making the effort to get your fridge organized will save you time in the kitchen and make it easier for you, and your family, to keep track of what groceries you have on hand and where to find them. Here are a few of my tips for an organized fridge:

Maytag Ice2O Fridge #MaytagMoms

  • Check stock weekly – To keep leftovers from taking over the fridge or your essential supplies from running out, do a quick check of your fridge once a week. Pull out any uneaten leftovers and serve them for lunch or send them to the trash. Then, check your supply levels and jot down anything that is running low to your grocery list.
  • Send “extras” to the back – If you buy more than one gallon of milk, for example, send the extra gallon way to the back of the fridge so it stays out of the way and doesn’t block other items you’ll need to reach more frequently.
  • Get rid of the trash – Pull items that don’t need to keep their original outside packing out of their boxes. This will keep you from having a big box taking up fridge space when just a few of the items are left in the box. Examples are yogurt, soda, produce bags, etc.
  • Easy to access snacks – Make kid approved snacks easy to find and easy to grab. This will help keep your kids from staring in the fridge for what seems like hours searching for something to eat. You can prepare baggies with single serve portions of fruits and veggies so they become a grab-and-go snack as well.
  • Group similar items – Keep similar items all together in the same area to make it easy to know just where to look. Group together meats, veggies, dairy items, and drinks, to name a few.

Find more information on Maytag’s line of Refrigerators on their website or through social media by connecting with Maytag on Facebook and on Twitter, @maytagbrand.


Disclosure: I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.

Danielle Royalegacy

Wednesday 21st of November 2012

What a great refrigerator! I want one.

Shannon Kamzelski Sanders

Tuesday 20th of November 2012

Awesome fridge!

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