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Making the Most of a Couples Weekend

Couples weekend

My husband, James, and I were married in September of 2000.  We had already been together several years, and already had our first child, Joe by the time we finally got married.  After our wedding we were able to go to California on our honeymoon.  My mom watched our son for the week, and we finally had our first vacation as a couple.  Fast forward 14 years.  That was the only vacation we took as a couple.

Couples weekend

One day, one of our friends suggested we go on a couples weekend to Las Vegas.  I laughed, there was no way it was going to happen. The next thing I knew, my husband had lined up a sitter and taken time off.  A hotel was booked and we were on our way. I really wanted to make the most of the weekend, because I knew it might be another 14 years before it happened again.

Here are a few tips to remember

Get Fancy

Take the opportunity to dress up. Wear something exciting and new. I was able to borrow a few dresses from a friend. It was so much fun to dress up, definitely not my normal yoga pants. My husband didn’t mind dressing up, and it was great to get some extra attention from him.

Make Time To Relax

Although it’s amazing to fill your weekend with a ton of things to do, don’t forget to relax. Plan some down time. Use the time to reconnect with your spouse. Take a nap. Just be together.

Couples weekend

Less is More

Leaving the kids for the first time can be very stressful. I was very lucky to have some amazing friends watch my kids for the couples weekend. I knew that I would just worry constantly if I kept calling or texting. My friend and I agreed to have me check in via text only a couple times a day. She, of course, would let me know instantly if something was wrong. I put my worries to the side and focused on having fun, because I knew my kids were safe and having fun. Sometimes, less is more with communication.


Couples weekend

Make Memories

Sometimes we have to do things we have no interest in doing, just because we know it will make our significant other happy. Focus on making memories. Watch how happy they get when you are doing something special. These moments help us remember why we love each other. My husband took me to the Wax Museum in Las Vegas. He told me later he got a kick out of watching me light up when I saw one of my favorite stars.

Where ever you go, just go!  Don’t wait to spend time with your spouse, take the time, even if it’s a quick trip.  If you need help deciding where to go, check out our Travel Guide.

Where did you last go on a Couples Weekend?  What was your favorite memory?


Saturday 30th of August 2014

great tips! we need one of these SOON! :)

Sarah L

Friday 29th of August 2014

That looks like a great weekend. I'm glad you took the time to get away.

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