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Cutting Out The Common Cold in Class: What Can I Do To Create A Safe and Healthy School?

This is a guest post. Compensation was received for the publication of this article. 

School’s out for summer and the peak of cold and flu season may be coming to an end, but it is important to keep safety and hygiene in mind all year – especially when it comes to your young children. Just because cold season is over doesn’t mean your children aren’t at risk of both catching and passing along those lingering illnesses since they are often the ones most susceptible. At school, your child interacts with a countless number of other children, adults, and various surfaces that all pose a risk to transfer germs and bacteria that cause illness. Stressing the importance of professional and high-quality cleaning services to your local school can help you make sure that your child is safely protected in a clean environment during their time spent in class all year round.

With consistently increasingly problems arising in schools from budget cuts, lack of staff, and other issues unfortunately the level of services provided to your children may be comprised. Taking an active stance in the politics of your local school system can help you learn more about what is being offered to students and what room may still be available for improvement, especially in terms of hygiene and safety. Attending local school board meetings, publicly voicing concerns, and volunteering through PTA groups and other education associations are great ways to serve a more active role in the education of your children.

After becoming more involved in your local school system, you may be surprised to find the level at which janitorial services are being performed. While cleaning whiteboards, taking out the trash, and cleaning up spills and messes is no doubt an important function of school cleaning, it still unfortunately leaves the risk for germs and viruses to sit and spread among surfaces that may appear to be clean on the surface.

The latest innovations in professional school cleaning services allow them to effectively reduce the likelihood of your children catching a cold or the flu in ways that janitorial services just can’t match. The professional cleaning specialists hired by these services are specially trained and equipped to use the latest sanitation and disinfection techniques and are driven the achieve the high-quality standards and regulations of school cleaning. Whether your child attends a public or private school, outsourcing your custodial cleaning services can be an incredibly effective way to manage budget shortfalls and operate more cost-effectively while providing all students, employees, and educators with an immaculate facility that creates the perfect learning environment.

In addition to the cost and health benefits of professional school cleaning certain industry pioneers, such as Jani-King, are able to offer the latest in environmentally responsible and eco-friendly services. With so many families taking an active effort to ‘go green’ and focus on their household sustainability, outside businesses are responding by tailoring their products and services to better serve these new needs in ways that outdated systems just can’t match. Using preferred vendors that offer eco-friendly and green cleaning service products and utilize green cleaning initiatives in their business is a great way to extend your commitment to sustainability into aspects of you and your family’s daily lives beyond the home.

Many may think they are powerless to the choices and decisions made by their local educational institutions, but that is simply not the case. Taking an active role in the health and safety of your children involves taking an active role in the decisions and management of your local school as well. Talk to others in your community to learn more about the recent changes in school safety and health regulations, as well as what professional services may be available in your area to help you achieve an educational environment conducive to the health and well-being of all who step inside. Put the power back in your hands and pioneer the path towards professional school cleaning for your community today.

Kelsey Apley

Wednesday 18th of June 2014

Good job!!! I totally see when school starts up all the germs float and kids are sick all the time!!


Wednesday 18th of June 2014

I am fortunate that my girls are no sick very often, but when they are, I keep them home. It seems kids pass colds around a lot at school, so I try to do my part in keeping my girls home if they are not well.


Wednesday 18th of June 2014

our schools listen to parents! we have eco friendly cleaning products used throughout our district thanks to parents voicing concerns!

myrah - Coupon Mamacita

Wednesday 18th of June 2014

It's unfortunate that many parents choose to or are unable to keept their kids home when sick.


Wednesday 18th of June 2014

I wish more people would learn to keep their kids home when they are sick. Too many dose them up on cold meds and send them anyhow! Great info...I wish all schools would choose healthier cleaning products!

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