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5 Spring Boredom Busters

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Such a breath of fresh air from chilly winter months. I love to spend time outdoors and creating beautiful memories with my kids. But sometimes spring throws us for a loop.

This post is sponsored. All opinions and ideas are my own.

spring This week is spring break at our house, we were ready for park play dates and maybe a trip to the zoo when we woke ups to this:

IMG_3414(P.S. That is a happy face, trying to eat the snow while wrestling.)

Almost 7 inches of fresh powder. We love to get out and explore in the snow, but with three kids and only one mom, packing up all the snow gear for an outing can get exhausting, plus we have been doing it all winter!! I had to quickly come up with ways to bust our indoor boredom. I turned to some of my favorite pastimes as a child, when life was still unplugged and you had to invent ways to connect and have fun. My kids loved it, we had a blast! Here are my top 5 Spring Boredom busters:


Make A Craft: Get messy and try a new craft. My kids are particularly obsessed with Perler Beads right now. We made some pretty cute creations and I was amazed at how long they stayed busy. My five-year-old, who is not usually the art project type, was concentrating and creating for four hours. Don’t be afraid of the mess! Finger paint, water color, whatever sounds fun, the mess is worth it!


Write a Letter: When was the last time you wrote a letter? We moved last year and we had fun this week writing letters to friends that we miss dearly. We keep up with them on Facebook and Snapchat, but it was so fun to send them something tangible that they can hold on to.


Make a Pen Pal Journal: This is one of my favorite ideas, but the credit goes to my older brother. Because we live so far away, my brother bought a little journal and wrote a note to my kids. They write him back and we mail it back and forth. It is fun to look back over the journal and I know the finished product will be something we will all treasure. We started one with my kid’s friends this week. The other writers don’t even have to live far away, mailing it across town is just as fun!


Read A book: A real one, with pages. Cuddle up in a blanket and use your imaginations, let your thoughts and favorite stories take you on an adventure. We just started reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It is one of our first real chapter books we have read aloud to our kids and they are loving it!


Send a Thank You note: It might be for a gift, it might be for a kind action, or it might just be a note to say thank you for being you! No matter what you are grateful for, encourage your kids to write it down and tell someone. I am personally horrible at writing thank you notes and that is not a habit I want to pass down to my kids. I want them to take the time to express their gratitude so that they learn to appreciate and recognize just how lucky they are to have the things that they do! You can find super cute ones here from Hello!Lucky. Here are a few tips for note writing from their designers:

  1. Picture the person who you’re giving or sending the card to, and think about what you admire, love and appreciate about them – let that guide your message.
  2. Embrace the meditative nature of slowing down and writing a card or letter.
  3. Use card-writing to elevate a moment—any moment—whether it’s a time of celebration or loss.
  4. Ask yourself the simple question of “I am grateful to have this person in my life because _____.”
  5. Avoid digital cards – a letter or card is tangible evidence of a shared experience or relationship.

The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds ™ campaign is a movement. Paper and packaging products are part of our everyday lives. They give us an outlet for our creativity. They help us solve problems and learn about the world around us. They connect us in personal, meaningful ways. In a world of cords and illuminated screens, paper and packaging gives us something to hold on to, something to ground us, something to become tangible evidence of the life we are living. Something to leave behind for the next generation.

This spring break, unplug and see How Life Unfolds.

What is your favorite spring boredom buster?

Becca Wilson

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

I love all of these ideas and she is super adorable.

Ryan Ecat

Monday 28th of March 2016

This is a great thing to do with kids. It such a great bonding. You bond with each other and had fun plus the kid or kids learn something new. I always want to play, teach something new and make crafts with kids.


Saturday 26th of March 2016

You've got to keep kids engaged and occupied when they're home from spring break! You don't want to stop their learning!


Saturday 26th of March 2016

These are all great tips. It's amazing how quickly kids get bored when they feel cooped up in the house.

Jeni Hawkins

Saturday 26th of March 2016

OH! She is absolutely adorable! I love these ideas - especially the pen pal journal! Very creative!

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