How to Rock Your Child’s Next Birthday Party!

Your child’s birthday is coming up, which means it’s time to start party planning! Don’t fret – I’ve got some great tips and ideas on how to rock your child’s next birthday party. It’ll be a blast not just for the kids, but for you as well. You can easily rock a party without going overboard or needing to stress out with lots of preparations to get through.

How to Rock Your Child's Next Birthday Party for an amazing and unforgettable birthday they'll remember for years to come and will make them feel incredibly special on their big day!

Plan Around Their Interests – The one thing that will set the entire mood for this party is the theme. Kids have favorite shows, characters, toys, animals, you name it. Find something fun that your kid adores and work it into their party. When they see decorations, games, and the cake all designed to be something they’re into, their eyes will light up, thrilled about this super special day.

Feed the Kids - There’s nothing worse then a crowd of hungry kids. Have foods that are easy, simple, and super yummy to kids. The kids won’t notice an elaborate design. They’re here to have fun and play, and food is only something they wanna get through to get to the real prize – cake! If you’re thinking of having a meal at the party, consider pizza. It simple and a crowd pleaser!

Plan Fun Activities to Keep Them Busy - Kids are little busy bodies – be sure to have fun games, activities, or entertainment to keep them engaged. Keep the fun going by having games and activities for the kids to do. This could be a scavenger hunt everyone works together on, a pinata, or classic party games. Just make sure the entertainment matches the kids’ age range.

Rock the Goody Bags - Fill a fun take-home favor for all the party guests. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation for those that came to celebrate the big day and as a thank you for any gifts received. Small toys, stickers, a pencil, and a handful of candy can be enough to feel like a fun treat after the party.

Host Your Party Out of the Home – Birthdays are special. The only come around once a year, so make them super fun by celebrating outside the house. A simple change of surroundings can elevate the mood of the party and leave a lasting memory for all the kids, not just the birthday boy or girl!


We took our party this year to Chuck E. Cheese’s where they handled everything for us on party day! From pizza and ice cream to all the entertainment the party was a breeze. We picked the Mega Super Star party package to have a full party experience. You can easily add a Birthday Star to double up the party if you have birthday’s close together, like we do. My oldest two boys have birthday’s just a week apart.


Mega Super Star Party Package Includes: 

  • 2 hours of reserved table space
  • Ticket Blaster experience for the Birthday Star
  • Party host / hostess
  • Email invites powered by Punchbowl
  • 60 Tokens per child
  • 2 slices of one-topping pizza per child
  • Choice of party theme for the Birthday Star
  • Star Collectible Cup and free soft drink refills
  • 1000 Ticket voucher for the Birthday Star
  • Chuck E. Goody Bag per child
  • Ice Cream cup per child
  • Pull String Pinata loaded with 40 tokens and 400 tickets


Once the party guests arrived, all of the kids were off to the games and the adults had a great time chit-chatting and interacting while the kids played their hearts out. I appreciated the safe environment to play and how secure the Chuck E. Cheese’s location was. Kids couldn’t leave the location without a parent who was stamped with the same ID number, helping me feel safer letting the kids have a little freedom to explore the attractions.


With 60 tokens for each of the kids, they all got to play a ton of games and score a bunch of tickets to redeem for fun prizes. It felt like just the right amount of tokens.


By the time they started running of of tokens, it was time to eat, interact with Chuck E. Cheese’s for a catchy dance party the whole group got involved in, and transition to the ticket blaster and then pinata with more last minute tokens tucked inside.


Chuck E. Cheese’s really did a great job keeping the kids entertained and excited about the entire party. Just make sure you plan to add extra food for the adults, as the kid pizzas are small and will only feed the kid guests in attendance.


If you’re looking for an amazing birthday party for your child with everything taken care of for you, Chuck E. Cheese’s is the place to be! We hosted ours as a “going away” party for my 3 oldest boys who were leaving all their school friends mid-year as we are moving and the party was a big success! The boys felt special and it was a really fun send off for them. Best of all, the party was really affordable. My total for 8 kids was under $215 for their highest party package.

Visit Chuck E. Cheese’s online reservation system to set up a birthday party, it’s so easy!


Connect with Chuck E. Cheese’s through their social channels to stay up-to-date on all their latest news at: Facebook Official Chuck E Cheese’s fan page, Instagram @ChuckECheeses, and Twitter @ChuckECheeses.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Chuck E. Cheese looks like such a fun place to have a kids birthday party. The best part is the kids will have a great time and you won’t have to clean up when you get home. It’s a win-win for parents and children!

  2. My daughters love Chuck E Cheese’s! We went there over the summer for the first time, and they really enjoyed it. I would love to have their birthday parties there too!

  3. Chuck E Cheese is a great place to have a child’s birthday party. There is so much less stress when you can sit back and enjoy it with your child instead of having to take charge of everything.

  4. WE LOVE Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties! Seriously, so easy. They take care of everything, I don’t have to clean anything, and the kids love it. The ticket blaster is always a hit!

  5. I have been trying to decide on a place for my Daughters next Birthday party. Chuck E. Cheese’s looks like it has everything we need.

  6. This sounds like a really great way to have a child’s birthday party! I think my son or daughter would love for me to have a Chuck E Cheese Birthday!

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