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Sleep for Babies Made Safer with Halo SleepSack Review

Safety is always a huge importance in the lives of people with children.  I have been blessed with 5 children.   They are all a joy to my husband and I.  I’ve tried to be diligent about safety when they sleep.  I have been careful to remove any stuffed animals or soft bedding from their sleep area at bed and nap time.  Sleep for babies needs to be safe.

I was interested to see that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a wearable blanket instead of a loose blanket to keep baby warm when they sleep.  Loose blankets could cover babies face when they sleep and interfere with their breathing.  HALO SleepSacks are the Original wearable blanket, #1 choice of hospitals and recommended by pediatricians.

HALO SleepSack Safe Sleep for Babies

The HALO SleepSack is a warm, cuddly wearable blanket made so babies can’t kick them off when they are sleeping.  They have an inverted zipper to help make diaper changes easy.  They come in several different types including ones for little babies (HALO Swaddle, which is used in over 1,000 hospitals) and even up to a size 5T (HALO Big Kids) that has cuffs around the ankles so their feet can hang out.  HALO SleepSack makes sleep for babies a warm and safe experience.

Mischa got to try out a HALO SleepSack.  I loved the bright colors of the soft material. The front has “Back is Best” embroidered on it for a gentle reminder to caregivers.  Mischa was able to sleep comfortably and at just the right temperature for her warm little body.  I also liked how easy it is to wash so it’s ready for bedtime.  HALO SleepSack is going on my list of great baby shower gifts!

HALO SleepSack can be purchased on Amazon starting at $16.99.  For more information regarding HALO and their safe sleep campaign and other work visit HERE.

I received a HALO SleepSack in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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Wednesday 14th of August 2013

Love the 100% Cotton SleepSack® Wearable Blanket


Tuesday 13th of August 2013

Micro fleece sleep sack wearable blanket


Saturday 10th of August 2013

for our new grandson I would love the sage polka dot chenille sleepsack 3 piece set

Christian Alejandro

Friday 9th of August 2013

I really liked the Red Technical Comfort System Hats

Caron B

Thursday 8th of August 2013

I would like the Micro-Fleece SleepSack® Wearable Blanket in pink cupcakes.